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5+ No Food or Drinks Sign Templates – PSD

Let us all admit, we can never live without food and drinks. Not only are they the basic essentials of living in this world, they also serve as good company whenever we are studying or doing other things. We consume them as they give us energy so that we can perform specific tasks and sometimes, we consume them just for mere pleasure or satisfaction that they provide to an empty or full stomach. But sometimes, life will play its part in making things unfair for some of us one way or another during the course of our everyday living. One way this is being manifested is when we see a “No Food and Drinks” sign in a particular area or office.

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This kind of sign can be seen in any office that strongly implements this kind of restriction to a company’s workforce. To know why this kind of sign is implemented in the workplace, do not hesitate to read the next few paragraphs to find out. We will also be providing you templates of the “No Eating or Drinking” Sign as you read the paragraphs.

No Fast Food Sign

No Food or Drink Sign

Circle No Food and Drink Sign

Reasons Why this Kind of Sign is Present

No matter how good and delicious a thing would look like, there will always be limitations. This can come from yourself if you are on a diet and is strictly not allowed to eat a particular kind of food to avoid any delays in your body goals or road to healthy life goals. It could also come from the office or the management who are implementing this rule for the best of the company. In this section, we will give you reasons why this policy and signs are visible in some areas of the office. So, you better take note if you want to avoid being reprimanded by the company for eating at the wrong place in the office:

  • Distraction. This is one of the more common reasons why companies don’t allow eating or drinking in the workplace. When we have an edible or drinkable thing in our hands, most of the time we pay more attention to it more than doing the actual work. This would enable us to be less productive in our work because we’re so busy satisfying our taste buds and less in satisfying our boss in getting the job done.
  • Aroma and Crunch. These two can also serve as a distraction. You have to remember that you’re not the only one in your workplace. Other people are also working to support their family or themselves. With the presence of a strong aroma, especially if it is really delicious, one cannot hesitate but turn his/her attention to wherever that smell came from. This could either lead one to go to you and ask to have a bite or he/she would choose to go to a convenience store and buy another one for his/her own satisfaction. These delays work productivity because of the time being focused on non-work related necessities like that. The chewing can also be a distraction especially if one is eating chips. A lot of chips. This can produce an annoying sound which can irritate some of your workmates and would again, lead them to be less productive. This can give them a hard time to think if one is easily distracted.
  • Consistent Cleanliness. Having the right mindset to work in your office is always needed to guide you in performing well. One thing that might disrupt that is if you have a dirty office. This is not solely because of the papers and files being scattered all over your table, but also the bread crumbs, potato chips, ketchup and etc. that can be visible. It would be time-consuming if you decide to clean your workplace later in the office. You will also create a bad impression not only in front of your co-workers but also in front of the management for your untidy behavior in the office. Clean up or avoid eating in the office.
  • Clean Shirt. There is a risk of having your work attire tainted if you eat and drink at your workplace. This could turn one good day into a bad one as the person who got his/her shirt tainted would have to wear that shirt the entire day. This only not limits to the person alone but also to the people around him or her. Imagine how bad you would look if you accidentally spilled coffee on your boss’ shirt or attire.
  • Avoid Disaster. By disaster we mean fire. This is common in electrical companies and factories were the presence of wires can be seen everywhere. One spill of water or a beverage could spark a small fire which eventually will turn into a blaze if one does not attend to it soon. You will not only be responsible for burning the whole building down but also be the reason why all employees in the company will be jobless after the fire has calmed down. Human error is normal in everyday life and is definitely permanent. That fact being said is why we try our best to avoid those circumstances by following the rules and regulations the company has.
  • Accidents. This pertains to falling to the floor because you slid on a spilled drink that you did not see. This accident can cause serious injuries depending on what body part hit the ground with more impact. Sometimes, an accident like this can cause a person’s life. So, be careful with how you handle your refreshments even if you’re in a hurry to your workplace or room. If you make a spill, clean it up right away. If you are in a hurry, inform the janitor right away so that he can clean it up to avoid any accidents that may follow if it would go unnoticed.

No Fast Food Warning Sign

No Food Or Drink Sign Sticker

Where this Sign can be Found

To prevent tainted carpets and the like, companies put this signs in specific areas within the building. This would give the employees the idea that food and beverages are not allowed in that area of the office and would let them eat their food and drink their beverages someplace else to avoid getting reprimanded. Sneaking a snack is also not going to work since humans have developed a technology that can easily spot you bringing those kinds of things. That is called the CCTV camera. In this section, we would give you the areas where mostly this sign is present. These are the common areas of the company or office:

  • Front door. Most offices have this no food or beverages signs in their front door. This would also mean that bringing food in any part of the office is not allowed since the sign is being placed at the front door. So with that being stated, it is best to have lunch or snacks outside of the office to save yourself from being warned by the  HR or even worst, the management.
  • Some parts of the office. Not all companies restrict their employees from bringing and eating in the office. The management has the choice where to restrict the employees from eating or drinking though. This is a good practice because one way or another, it limits the employees from having the freedom to eat anywhere in the workplace. In some cases, the office has a room for eating or a lunch room so that the employees would not have to go out and buy food. This saves times and the employees can get back to working on their tasks earlier and avoid getting late.
  • Computers. This sign will serve as a reminder to never eat or drink within your working area. With it being in front of your place every day when you arrive at the office, it would not seem to be a hard thing to ignore this kind of sign since you will also use the computer for performing your tasks. It might get annoying to see this sign every day, but it helps one to be disciplined and practice how to go on a diet once in a while and avoid temptation. This sign is also useful if it is on the computer because it would serve as a reminder that if something happens to the computer, you’re liable for it especially if the cause of its malfunction is of a spilled drink.

No Food or Drink Allowed Sign

Follow the Rules

No matter how much we love to have a good snack from time to time, we can never have what we want all the time and in anywhere we want. Companies put the signs and policies like the “No eating and drinking” for a purpose. That purpose is for the betterment of the company and is not depriving the freedom of the employees. It is merely a form of discipline. A discipline that could lead to better work performance and results. You are lucky if you are employed in a company who has areas in the office which is suitable for eating and drinking. But, for those who do not have that kind of workplace, better eat and drink outside instead. Try to look at the brighter side of the presence of this kind of sign. At least by following this rule, you can have little victories like you avoid cleaning your desks, getting distracted, getting your shirt tainted, avoid accidents that could cause you or your co-employees injury. At the end of the day, you can always celebrate those little victories with a sumptuous dinner or a good snack when work is over.

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