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6+ Garage Sale Sign Templates – PSD, EPS Vector

Did you ever wake up in the morning, realizing your room is full of unwanted clutter and that it can use a little cleaning? Better yet, have you ever thought about turning that clutter into cash that you can use for things that you need? Some people have found wonders in selling stuff that has piled up, building dust, remaining unused for quite some time. There are various ways to do it, but the best way perhaps is selling some of your clothes, shoes, books, trinkets and everything else that may find a place in other people’s homes, instead of just being left to waste and wear away, in your neighborhood. You may also see sign in sheets.

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What can be better than a good old garage sale, especially when there is a lot of stuff here and there, that you’re waiting to get rid of? You can save money, time, space and a good amount of guilt. While you’re at it, you might also want to check if your community is raising funds for a cause and maybe, just maybe a part of that money could be used to help them. It sure wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Garage Sale Yard Sign

Garage Sale Red Sign

Small Garage Sale Sign

Tips for Having a Successful Garage Sale

1. Consider the benefits

Regardless of whatever the greater purpose of holding a garage sale for you is, if this is your first time and you have some misgivings about the outcome, just remember that you practically have nothing to lose if you would just be willing to try. And, so try you should. For other people, there’s nothing like getting up early on the weekend, walking around the neighborhood and finding out that someone across the street or just a few blocks away, is holding a yard sale. After all, as the old saying goes, “One man’s trash, is  another man’s treasure.” You may also see attendance sign in sheets.

Most of the time, when trying to score a bargain, or simply trying to experience the joy of never knowing what good things you would find among other people’s once prized possessions, is enough to complete what could have been an otherwise bland Sunday morning. And sometimes, garage sales also offers good possibilities for collectors who fancy vintage items that they would rarely find anywhere else for the same price. Because that’s what garage sales do. They provide good benefits not only to the person selling his or her stuff to clear some space but to shoppers who don’t have enough money to spare to make the trip and buy the same things, brand new, at a regular store. You may also see sign in sheets.

2. Advertise

One of its many advantages is the chance to finally rid yourself of stuff that has been taking up space, looking sorry and gathering dust around your house. At the same time, it is also a good way of gaining profit from items that you have considered trash or the ones you were thinking to just give away, never mind where. So that you can make it even more profitable, you need a little help from advertising. This is part of any type of sales. When you sell items, regardless of being brand new or used, advertising your sale plays a big part in making it successful. You might be doing this in order in your community but that doesn’t automatically make your neighbors sure buyers.  To get them to support your garage sale, it is still important to let them know certain details about the sale, like the date and time. Advertising it, also helps you communicate specific information as to the type of things you would be selling, so that you can entice people to look forward to it. You may also see patient sign in sheets.

Today Only Garage Sale Sign

Garage Sale Sign Flyer

Grunge Garage Sale Sign

Large Garage Sale Sign

3. Prepare the Signs

Signage helps a lot while conducting any type of sale. They especially help you in holding a garage sale since your advertising of the sale will obviously be limited, one way or another. It is important, however, that you put up the sign safely, properly, and according to what your community allows. Most county, councils, towns, villages and other localities have existing laws prohibiting the display of garage sale signage. This is understandable given that the local authorities have their hands full on the law and order in the neighborhood than patrol around monitoring posters and signs that have been already taken down the moment the sale was over. In the event that your signs cause any inconvenience or become a safety hazard, there’s a high chance you’ll get a knock on the door with the sheriff and his deputy in tow, declaring you have to pay a fine for damages incurred. That’s too much hassle for wanting to get rid of useless stuff and trying to gain money from it, in a good way, so you’d be better off following the rules. You may also see sign up sheets.

4. Place the Signs

Start with making a sign map to help people with directions. No matter how popular or how well you think your neighbors know about you, you’d be surprised how hesitant they can be when it comes to tracking where the sale is happening. They’d want to be sure and one way to assist them with that is by putting street signs along every point of entry leading to your house within the distance of a mile. Draw a map outlining the area where your garage sale will be happening. Also, remember that it needs to go along with traffic signs for both directions. This means you will need two separate signs, one for each side of the road, just to be safe. You may also see training sign in sheets.

In making your signs, remember that not only does it need to be sturdy so that it can hold for the rest of the day, come rain or shine, it also needs to be noticeable, and to be noticeable doesn’t necessarily mean colorful, but just enough to get people’s attention, especially from afar. There will be people walking further down the street, and there will be cars. Make sure it is visible for everybody passing on the road, to avoid confusion and accidents. On the day of the sale, don’t forget to check the signs you have put up, just in case some naughty kid tampered with them, or if they are still holding up good. Otherwise, a lot of people wanting to come could miss out on it, just because of faulty signs. You may also see event sign in sheets.

Garage sales take one day, excluding the preparations of course. But, they can mean a lot of work, especially for people doing it for the first time. You will have to spend time sorting your stuff and figuring out the proper pricing for all of them, preparing your ads, drawing signs and getting the necessary tools to help you go through with the preparations. However, when it’s finally over, you would have made a very fulfilling day, making a profit and maybe helping your community on the side. You would have also learned what difference a little sign can do, to make people support it. You may also see attendance sign in sheets.

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