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Showing your gratitude to the people you love can be done in countless ways. You can treat them out to dinner, give them presents, or simply send them a thank you card. In this technological age, a simple text, chat, or email is all it takes to tell people of how grateful you are for what they’ve done for you. But even with the convenience and efficiency that it brings to the table, it still lacks the personal approach that handwritten letters naturally do. Old-fashioned written correspondence is slowly dying, but don’t let it stop you from doing it. Don’t let that be the reason for you to hesitate in writing a letter to express your gratitude. Personally-written, heartfelt words have the power to infect happiness to the people you’ve written them for. So to immortalize those words, you need to write them on something that the people you send them to would be able to read it again and again. And where else can you write them than on thank you note cards?

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Thank you note cards are personalized cards that let you write a message of gratitude to the people you care about. And since they are cards that you give to people, it is only necessary that you put effort into its design. You can either create one from scratch or choose one from the templates that graphic designers already made. So to help you get inspiration in creating your masterpiece of a thank you card or get one that’s ready-made, we have collected a variety of thank you cards that you can send on different occasions. But before we start going through the list, let me ask you something first. Do you know the reasons why of all the other cards that you can use the thank you card is the most appropriate and best option? If you do, then good for you. But even if you do or don’t know yet, a little section discussing its importance would help you clarify things out about thank you cards. Read the elaboration below.

Now that you know about the significance of rustic thank you cards, let us now proceed with the list of stunning and aesthetically-pleasing designs!

Photographer Thank You Note Card in PSD

photographer thank you card template  788x524

Funeral Program Thank You Card Template

funeral program thank you note card 788x525

Chalk Thank You Note Cards Bundle Template

chalk thank you cards bundle template 788x524

Thanksgiving Thank You Note Card Template

thanksgiving thank you note card

Simple Thank You Note Card Template

simple thank you card 788x525

Vintage Thnak You Note Card Template

vintage thank you note card

Why do you need thank you note card?

1. It improves your mood

Sometimes stress takes over our mental state and we get too pent up with it that we need some outlet to let it all out. Writing can be therapeutic to some as they can turn their emotions into words. Writing about your thoughts and emotions helps one to express himself or herself and release all the tension that was building up. Doing this would only result in a heartfelt (and sometimes dramatic) letter that will surely touch the one who you will be sending that letter to. So don’t stop writing and include every little thing that you are grateful for a certain person. Let your emotions command your hand and scribble everything. Write as many drafts as you can and don’t worry about mistakes ’cause you can edit them later after you’ve let out every ounce of emotion and thought that you’ve bottled up.

2. It’s good for your physical health

As writing a thank you card is good for your mentality, it also does wonders for your physical state. As they say, when faced with a difficult situation, you have to think positively. It’s a state of mind of matter. The mental and physical states are somehow connected. If you think positively and write what you are grateful for, then it would also have the same effect on your body. For sure, you have experienced being able to laugh hard when you are with your friends and you feel so light that for a moment your problems did not weigh you down. And when you feel miserable, your body takes a toll on it too. Learn how to transform your energy, be it good and bad, into something productive and helpful for yourself like writing a thank you card.

3. It helps you stand out

In this digital age, writing and receiving letters is as infrequent as how shooting stars appear at night. That’s why when you send a letter to be grateful to someone, it makes you stand out from the rest. You are creating a statement. If your boss has given you a raise or a promotion, writing a handmade thank you card and giving it to your boss would certainly make him/her feel appreciated. If your friend has given you a gift or has done something like a favor, write and give him/her a thank you card to make your friend feel that you are grateful for everything. Even with today’s instant messaging, giving out a handwritten letter is still the best way for you to stand out and make your loved ones feel special.

4. It creates a connection

Technology has made it possible to communicate through instant messaging. With a few taps on your phone’s on-screen keyboard and tapping send, a message can be instantly received once it is confirmed to be sent. Yes, it does create a connection between you and the recipient, and this is true especially for people who often find comfort in talking to random people online and befriending them. It puts them inside a virtual bubble that only them could use for their communication. But even so, wouldn’t it make you look more committed to whatever relationship you have by sending a printable thank you card? Thank you cards are personalized, so giving one to a certain person would only make it special. The connection would seem more personal and it would make it look like you really taking this seriously. No matter how far or how near, send a thank you card to people you are deeply and sincerely grateful for.

5. It revives an art that is lost

People aren’t fond of writing as it was before. How many people do you see enjoy writing essays or proses and poems? Not that many, huh. If anything else, some people even see it as a chore. Yes, writing is not everybody’s cup of tea. But the number of people who are truly committed to writing are dwindling. More specifically, the people who create and write a thank you card are already near to extinction. This traditional art is slowly fading into the abyss, and it needs saving more than ever. So to help with that cause of reviving the beautiful art of thank you cards, try creating and writing one now. It may be new to you especially if you didn’t grow in the time that these thank you cards have been dominating the market. But even if that’s the case, it shouldn’t hold you from creating one. Send one to your loved ones and make them feel that you truly care for them and that you currently in the crusade of helping to bring back the art that is lost.

6. It shows good manners

Who doesn’t say their thanks if one receives a gift or something of utmost importance? Practically no one, right? Because that would be downright rude not to be grateful for the things that people give you or do for you. Sometimes, if not most of the time, some people misinterpret your gesture of not sending a thank you card. So don’t make a bad impression on yourself and send a thank you card if deemed necessary. Sending one will save your relationship with that person and solidify it more. A simple thank you card can go a long way if you put the effort into creating and sending one.

Corporate Thank You Note Card Template

corporate thank you card

Art Deco Gala Thank You Note Card Template

art deco gala thank you note card

Sample Thank You Note Card Template

futuredeco thankyoucards 788x524

Holiday Thank You Note Card Template

holiday thank you note card

Chic Thnk You Note Card Template

chic thank you note card 788x577

Fall Thank You Note Card Template

fall thank you note card

Reception Thank You Note Card Template

reception thank you note card 788x524

Christmas Ornament Thank You Note Card Template

christmas ornament thank you note card

Wedding Thank You Note Card Template in PSD

wedding thank you card template psd photoshop  788x524

Retro Thank You Note Card Template

retro thank you note card 788x536

Sending a thank you card will help you create a positive impression on yourself and make the people that you care and love feel special. The designs that we have provided have all been handpicked, so their quality is assured. We have a thank you card for each occasion so you won’t have to be in the position where you reach the tenth page of the google search results just to find one. We got you. You don’t need to hire a graphic designer to create a thank you card. All you have to do is to sit, open your computer, and just choose a template from our list. Modify them if you want. You can freely do so since all of these templates are fully customizable. We wish you all the best!

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