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62+ Thank You Card Examples

“Thank you” is an intense statement. Unfortunately, you won’t hear it as much as you would expect. Every thank you is a chance to offer your capabilities and to leave a good impression in the mind of the reader or listener. Sending a thank you card or note to families, friends, employers, and colleagues whenever they have extended themselves in any way for your benefit is only proper.

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At its core, offering gratitude for something you’ve received, regardless of whether it’s a material object, an experience, or something intangible like giving support or a helping hand, is something that simply needs to be done. The method, timing, and other details are seldom as important as the simple act of saying thank you.

We frequently stumble on trying to make things perfect when we ought to simply adhere to the simple “thank you” and get the message out. So if all else fails, a simple “thank you” is the best thing you can do to show your appreciation.

The bottom line is, to just say thank you. The individual getting the thanks will simply be glad to hear it; the mode and message are once in a while as important as the simple act of recognizing somebody’s thoughtfulness.

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Editable Thank You Card

Graduation Thank You Card

Graduation Gift Thank You Card

Graduation Party Thank You Card

College Graduation Thank You Card

High School Graduation Thank You Card

Handmade Graduation Thank You Card

Wedding Thank You Card Examples

Wedding Thank You Card Template

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Wedding Shower Thank You Card

Wedding Thank You Gift Card

Photo Wedding Thank You Card

DIY Wedding Thank You Card

Personalized Wedding Thank You Card

Baby Shower Thank You Card Examples

DIY Baby Shower Thank You Card

Disney Baby Shower Thank You Card

Diaper Baby Shower Thank You Card

Funny Baby Shower Thank You Card

Handmade Baby Shower Thank You Card

Business Thank You Card Examples

Holiday Business Thank You Card

Professional Business Thank You Card

Business Anniversary Thank You Card

Formal Business Thank You Card

Photography Business Thank You Card

Interview Thank You Card Examples

Job Interview Thank You Card

Teacher Interview Thank You Card

Professional Interview Thank You Card

School Interview Thank You Card

Phone Interview Thank You Card

What Is a Thank You Card?

Also known as a letter of thanks or thank you note, this is a document that is utilized by an individual or group of individuals when expressing gratitude or appreciation to another. A thank you card ought to be composed as a standard business document or personal letter and should not be more than one page.

Thank you cards can either be personal or business-related and can either be handwritten or electronically made. But for those thank you cards that are written by hand, the recipient is usually a friend, colleague, or a relative. Thank you cards are sometimes called as appreciation or gratitude cards. These types of thank you cards are typically composed as formal business documents.

Why Should You Write Thank You Cards?

Here we discuss the importance of writing thank you cards.

Strengthens Relationships and Builds New Ones

For instances when someone does a really big favor for you or buys you an expensive gift. If they receive a thank-you note from you, they will be more likely to do it again, and they will most likely see your worth and value your appreciation. Thank you cards written by hand will show them that you are a well-rounded individual with good morals, and people always want to make friends with those who show appreciation for the things they receive in life.

Expressing Gratitude Makes You Feel Good

It is believed that one way for someone to be happy is to appreciate things and to express them by being thankful. Not only will it make yourself feel good, but also the person you are thanking. Showing your gratitude towards something can make you feel as if you have done something good. And for those who believe in the saying “What goes around, comes around,” showing gratitude is one way to convey some positive vibes and engage in doing good deeds.

Thank You Cards Are More Personal Than Emails or Text Messages

Thank you cards have a more personal touch to them than digital messaging because they are handwritten. Most fonts on the computer and phones look the same, but people’s handwriting vary to some degree with others. Adding a personal touch to your thank you note allows the person to feel a little closer to you than they would when reading an email or text message.

Thank You Notes May Help in Increasing Your Chances of Getting Opportunities

In some cases, job applicants send thank you notes to the hiring manager following a job interview. Though this may also be a bit risky since people usually don’t want to overwhelm potential employers, but there are even more people who have had successful experiences involving follow-up thank you notes. This way, you can restate points that you mentioned during the interview and this also lets the company know how determined you are in getting this position.

Thank You Notes Can Help in Showing Off Your Communication Skills

The ability to communicate through writing is just as relevant as through speaking. Technically, anybody can have good written communication skills on the computer with the help of grammar and spelling checkers, but handwritten notes have a unique form of communication.

Thank You Notes Will More Likely Be Read and Even Kept as a Souvenir

Emails tend to get lost in inboxes, especially when junk mails come in and clutter the inbox, and some people don’t even bother to reply to emails or text messages anymore. Digital messages can be considered disposable and are often overlooked. A handwritten thank you note practically demands the attention of the reader, and most people will keep them as a memorabilia.

You Won’t Always Be Sure as to What Efforts Were Made by the Person Whom You Will Be Thanking

It’s always safe to say that a thank you note is enough to show people that you appreciate something that is done for you, even if the end result is not that beneficial for you, but the fact that they took the time to take the extra mile is worth appreciating. A thank you note demonstrates your maturity and your ability to show gratitude to people who went out of their way just for you.

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Rustic Thank You Cards

Rustic Wedding Thank You Card

Rustic Photo Thank You Card

Rustic Baby Shower Thank You Card

Rustic Bridal Shower Thank You Card

Rustic Engagement Thank You Card

Photo Thank You Cards

Personalized Photo Thank You Card

Disney Photo Thank You Card


DIY Photo Thank You Card

Frozen Photo Thank You Card


Shower Thank You Card Examples

Baby Shower Thank You Card

Wedding Shower Thank You Card

Bridal Shower Thank You Card

Twin Baby Shower Thank You Card


Baby Shower Thank You Gift Card

Donation Thank You Card Examples

Charity Donation Thank You Card

Black Funeral Thank You Card Template


Floral Funeral Thank You Card


Funeral Donation Thank You Card

Thank You Greeting Card Examples

Handmade Thank You Greeting Card

Wedding Thank You Greeting Card

Funny Thank You Greeting Card

Animated Thank You Greeting Card

Special Thank You Greeting Card

Types of Thank You Cards

Here we discuss the two most common types of thank you notes.

Personal Thank You Cards

There are many occurrences in everyday life that can warrant a formal thank you letter. Common circumstances wherein you are advised to respond with a thank you note include: a follow-up thanks to a hiring manager after a job interview or job offer, thanking an organization or institution for extraordinary customer service received, thank you note to companions as well as neighbors for their support amid a troublesome period, thank you cards for gifts received from guests during a wedding, thanking an office or agency for support given to you or your family and relatives, etc.

Business Thank You Cards

As with personal occurrences, there are also various circumstances in everyday business that can lead us to respond with a thank you card. Some usual circumstances include: gratefulness for special considerations by another organization, thanking a speaker for a presentation at an executive meeting, appreciation cards for customers thanking them for their support, thank you notes to employees for exceptional service and loyalty, thank you notes to an individuals or organizations for a client referral, appreciation notes to volunteer service workers for their personal commitments to a public service crusade, and many more.

How Do You Write Thank You Cards?

  • Start the note by focusing on the person that you are writing the thank you note to in at least one or two sentences.
  • In the next sentence or two, state what you are thanking: a gift, for inviting you to an event, a job interview or offer, a assistive hand, etc. Make sure to really say the words “thank you” on this part of the note.
  • In the following sentence or two, write in detail about what you are thanking, what you love about it, or how it has benefited you.
  • End your thank you note by saying that you look forward to seeing them again in the near future. This shows that you enjoy their company and are looking forward to continuing the relationship. The quality of life is measured by the quality of our relationship with others. Telling them that your plan on seeing them again can help make your relationship stronger.
  • Sign of your note with thoughtfulness. Don’t just simply sign off, you have to put some thought and heart into it.

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Professional Thank You Card Examples

Professional Wedding Thank You Card

Professional  Thank You Photo Card

Engagement Thank You Card Examples

Engagement Gift Thank You Card

Engagement Party Thank You Card

Vintage Engagement Thank You Card


DIY Engagement Thank You Card

Employee Thank You Card Examples

Employee Recognition Thank You Card

Employee Appreciation Thank You Card

Business Employee Thank You Card

Real Estate Thank You Card Examples

Real Estate Referral Thank You Card


Real Estate Business Thank You Card

Real Estate Agent Thank You Card


Real Estate Thank You Greeting Card

Teacher Thank You Card Examples

Teacher Appreciation Thank You Card

Funny Teacher Thank You Card

Personalized Teacher Thank You Card

Tips When Writing a Thank You Card

  • While a thank you note at any given time is better than none at all, it’s more effective and meaningful when done in a timely manner, and this is the most important factor to consider when sending thank you notes.
  • People usually get caught up when thinking of what to say in their thank you cards, but something simple may most of the time be the best. As long as you are sincere, a simple thank you that mentions what you are thankful for is already sufficient.
  • Make sure you spell everybody’s name correctly in your thank you note.
  • People sometimes don’t always like what they receive and tend to write thank you cards in a passive-aggressive way. In cases like these, leave the negative thought to yourself and thank the person for their gesture.
  • Do not overdo with the act of showing gratitude, because this can make them feel uncomfortable. Keep the level of thank your near the level of the kindness you received.

Why Download Our Thank You Card Templates?

These templates were selected from among the best ones on the Internet and were designed by creative graphic artists from all around the world. You may be able to download these templates easily for a very reasonable price, and you can choose to save it in either PSD, AI, or EPS depending on which format works best for you. These templates are compatible with most photo editors available and are fully editable to provide you with less hassle in customizing it according to your preferences.

How to Use Our Thank You Card Templates

Search for the template that you wish to use (for easier navigation, click on the magnifying glass icon found on the upper right-hand corner of the page and type the title or part of the template’s title). Download the template by clicking on the green Download button below the sample, and save it on your computer. Open the template file on a photo-editing software and make your modifications and personal touches. Once you’re done editing, save the finished product back to your computer and start printing a copy of your thank you card.

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