20+ Best Company Logo Designs

All companies and corporations need an emblem which holds the name of their entity for long period of time; with company logos, they can choose, create, and personalize the image or label they want to have as their official trademark. This logo is used everywhere and anywhere whatever industrial work they are running- it’s present in any kind of transaction. They can take a peek at the below-mentioned twenty-one best Company Logos which offer quality icons that they can easily download for their organization.

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Global Company Logo Template

global company logo templateThis global company Logo Template is ideal for all BPO, call centers, consulting agencies, marketing companies, media, sales, and social media and networks across the world. The graphic designs are in EPS and AI formats and the resolution can be adjusted if there is a need.

express company logoThis express company logo is the top company logo used for identifying cargo shipping groups. The designs from the template are trendy; they get to the level of transformation. The logo can be modified and printed once finalized. Symbols and branded logos to describe shipments are found in this express company logo template.

oil company logoAs the name itself suggests, oil company logo template contains fuel, oil products, and gas pictures. The graphic vectors are resizable and made in transparent PNG, JPG, EPS, and AI format.

media company logoThis media company logo template has millions of photos, vectors, and illustrations representing an eye symbol using different colors. This company logo when utilized, can catch an individual’s attention and it’s easy to modify using Shutterstock editor application. The resolution is high and the capacity to adjust the sizes is attainable to help you fit the project plan.

abstract chain consulting logoAn abstract chain consulting logo represents colorful chains intended for companies and businesses related to designs, art, team, group, and consulting. This logo, when you download it, will be available in different colors and is in EPS, PSD, JPEG, and PNG format.


movie time logoThis movie time logo template offers versatile logos intended for movie films, videos and time groups. The logo is identified with a sandglass placed inside the film. It can be resized and the graphic files are in PNG, vector EPS, and AI formats.

capital company logoThis capital company logo template comes in various color variations and users can readily open it in PSD, AI, JPEG, EPS, PDF, and PNG format. This logo illustrates simple statics using white and black versions and also in different colors that are perfect to stand for finance, investment, and corporations.

little garden company logoIf you’re trying to look for a creative logo, the little garden company logo can be a good sample. In this template, there is a green color applied as background with three leaves drawn in white color.

inspiration company logoAn inspiration company logo template provides simple illustrations with typography. There are various photos, vectors, and pictures that can help you find what fits your scheme and these images are free to be edited in Shutterstock editor application. The first letter of the title is seen in the middle with stress points such as lines for emphasis.

travel company logoFor travel companies, select a unique logo for your business to impress people. This travel company logo template is created to promote itinerant tourism. Some of the logos that you can have are for summer, tropical, island, hotel, and beach destination. The logo shows trees, birds flying, and a boat moving in the sea.

event company logoThis event company logo template contains lovely and sweet logo designs made on purpose such as when putting up a business. The logos can be modified according to your own style and you can have the free will to combine different elements of font, size, and color to match every event. These logos are in EPS, PNG, PDF, and JPG formats. For example, if you plan to open a flower shop, the logo to be seen will be floral.

10 Company Logos Template

0 company logos templatePick a logo from the 10 Company Logos Template if you’re looking for minimalistic, contemporary, modern, and professional designs for the company. There are 10 logos featured in dark and white versions and are in AI and PSD formats; all the vectors are fully editable with free fonts.

landscape company logoThis landscape company logo template is used for business cards, events, flyers, websites, and photography. It provides numerous packages from where you can choose your desired font and color. It can be opened in JPG, PNG, and PDF formats.

property real estate logoFor companies dealing with real estate buildings and housing properties, they need to download this property real estate logo template to represent their work. The designs are in EPS, AI, and affinity designer formats. This template helps developers to recognize their business projects with these professional logos. The logos that you can look around are particularly about buildings, houses, and infrastructures.

hoots beer logo

branding company logo

three house company logo

building company logo

Do you want your business to be recognized around the world with these creative logo templates? Find the best company logos with cool and inimitable designs suitable for business promotion. There are thousands of vectors and photos to be downloaded anytime at Free PSD logos and Business Logos template for professional resources.