Sales New Hire Evaluation

Sales New Hire Evaluation

This evaluation provides insights into his sales achievements, training progress, and potential for future success within our organization.

Employee Name:

[Your Name]

Hire Date:

[January 15, 2050]


[Sales Representative]


[Jane Manager]

I. Sales Performance Metrics

  • Sales Revenue Target: Employee's quarterly sales revenue target was [$100,000]. He achieved [98%] of his target, which is commendable for a new hire.

  • Number Of Sales Calls: Employee averaged [20] calls per day, meeting the team's expectations.

  • Conversion Rate: His conversion rate was [15%], slightly below the team average of [18%]. However, he has shown improvement over the last month.

II. Sales Training Assessment

  • Product Knowledge: Employee demonstrated a solid understanding of our product line, effectively conveying its features and benefits to customers.

  • Sales Techniques: He consistently applied the consultative sales approach taught during onboarding, identifying customer needs and offering tailored solutions.

  • Company Policies: Employee adhered to all company policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with sales guidelines.

III. Customer Feedback

  • Customer Service Skills: We received positive feedback from several clients commending Employee for his excellent communication, patience, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Relationship Building: Clients appreciated Employee's efforts in building long-term relationships and trust, which positively impacted customer retention.

IV. Sales Manager Feedback

  • Performance Review: Employee's overall performance has been solid. He actively seeks feedback and implements suggested improvements.

  • Meeting Targets: Although he slightly missed his revenue target for the quarter, Employee's consistent effort and recent improvement in conversion rates show potential for future success.

V. Self-Assessment

Employee acknowledges his strengths in communication and relationship building, while recognizing the need to refine his closing techniques and time management skills.

VI. Peer Feedback

Colleagues have noted Employee's collaborative attitude, willingness to assist team members, and his positive impact on team morale.

VII. Cultural Fit

Employee has swiftly integrated into our company culture, embodying our values of integrity, teamwork, and customer-centricity.

VIII. Overall Evaluation

Employee has shown promise as a Sales Representative during his initial evaluation period. His performance metrics are encouraging, and he has demonstrated an ability to learn and adapt quickly. While he narrowly missed his revenue target, his recent improvements in conversion rates and consistently positive customer feedback are indicative of his potential for long-term success. We recommend providing Employee with ongoing sales training and mentorship to further develop his skills and help him reach his full potential.

IX. Recommended Action

  • Continue to provide ongoing sales training and mentorship.

  • Set clear targets and provide regular performance feedback.

  • Monitor Employee's progress closely over the next quarter.

  • Encourage further development in closing techniques and time management.

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