Sales SLA for Commission Management Software

Sales SLA for Commission Management Software

This Sales Service Level Agreement (Agreement) is entered into by [Your Company Name], located at [Your Company Address] ("Service Provider"), and [Your Partner Company Name], located at [Your Partner Company Address] ("Client"), collectively referred to as the "Parties." This Agreement establishes the parameters of all services covered as they are mutually understood by the Parties.

Effective Date: [Month, Day, Year]

Expiration Date: [Month, Day, Year]

I. Objectives

The purpose of this Agreement is to ensure that the proper elements and commitments are in place to provide consistent software and service support and delivery to the Client by the Service Provider.

a. Goals

  • To provide clear reference to service ownership, accountability, roles, and/or responsibilities.

  • To present a clear, concise, and measurable description of service provision to the client.

  • To align with the service provisions in the overarching contract between the Parties.

II. Service Scope

The following Services are covered by this Agreement:

a. Commission Management Software

  • Automated calculation of sales commissions

  • Real-time reporting and analytics

  • Integration with existing CRM and ERP systems

  • On-demand audit trails of commission calculations

b. Support Services

  • Technical support assistance

  • Software updates and maintenance

  • Training sessions and documentation

III. Service Performance

a. Performance Metrics

The Service Provider is committed to providing a high-quality service that ensures reliability and performance. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include:

  • System Availability: Ninety-nine (99) percent uptime outside of scheduled maintenance windows.

  • Response Time: Initial response to support queries within two (2) hours during business hours.

  • Issue Resolution: Critical issues resolved within twenty-four (24) hours; non-critical issues within seventy-two (72) hours.

  • Accuracy of Calculations: Ninety-nine (99) percent accuracy rate in commission calculations.

b. Reporting

Monthly performance reports will be delivered to the Client, detailing service levels achieved and areas requiring improvement.

IV. Service Management

a. Service Availability

Commission Management Software will be available 24/7, except during planned maintenance, which will be communicated to the Client at least one week in advance.

b. Service Requests

All service requests will be managed via [Your Company Email] and prioritized according to the level of impact on the business.

V. Client Duties and Responsibilities

The Client agrees to:

  • Provide timely information and access to resources as required for the Service Provider to execute services effectively.

  • Report issues and discrepancies within the software as soon as they are discovered.

  • Attend training and knowledge transfer sessions to ensure proper use of the software.

VI. Service Provider Duties and Responsibilities

[Your Company Name] agrees to:

  • Maintain skilled resources to meet the service performance metrics.

  • Conduct regular software updates to ensure functionality and security.

  • Provide comprehensive training and documentation to the Client’s staff.

VII. Service Costs

The costs for the services provided under this Agreement are as follows:




Total Annual Cost

Software License Fee




Technical Support




Maintenance and Updates






$2,500 per session




VIII. Terms and Conditions

a. Duration

This Agreement is set to remain effective for a duration of three (3) years, counted from the Effective Date. However, this condition may not hold if the Agreement is superseded or undergoes an amendment process. Such changes would have to come through a new agreement that both parties involved have given mutual consent to and duly executed.

b. Confidentiality

Each Party involved in this agreement gives their formal consent and commitment to maintain the confidentiality of all information that is considered proprietary. They have agreed not to disclose, reveal, or make known such sensitive information to any third party - an individual or entity that isn't involved in this agreement. This will only be done if written consent is provided by the other Party involved in this agreement, giving permission for such a disclosure beforehand.

c. Termination

This Agreement permits that either Party involved is allowed to terminate said Agreement, in the event that an occurrence arises where the service levels persistently fail to meet expectations or standards, or a situation occurs where either Party has violated or infringed upon the stated terms of this Agreement. To carry out such a termination, a written notice must be provided, and this notice must be given no less than ninety (90) days prior to the proposed termination date.

d. Amendments

The opportunity to introduce amendments to this Agreement is indeed present. Nevertheless, it is essential that both Parties involved demonstrate mutual consent and approval towards these proposed changes. Furthermore, it is a prerequisite that these changes, once agreed upon, are then officially documented, while also obtaining written confirmation as evidence of their acceptance.

e. Dispute Resolution

Should there be any disagreements or disputes that may emerge in connection with, or as a result of, this Agreement, the preferred method of resolution will be through the procedure of arbitration. This process will be conducted in accordance with the prevailing legal statutes and regulations of the state where the headquarters of the Service Provider is situated.


Service Provider:


[Your Name]

[Job Title]

[Your Company Name]

[Month, Day, Year]



[Partner Company Representative Name]

[Job Title]

[Your Partner Company Name]

[Month, Day, Year]

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