Nothing completes a graduation ceremony best than a beautifully designed certificate. For this reason, as a teacher or the school director, it would be best if you aim for professionally written and beautifully designed documents for your graduation ceremonies. And we got the best for you! We have Ready-Made Academic Certificate Templates in Illustrator! These 100% customizable, editable, downloadable, and printable templates are of high-quality and precision. So you can be sure that these samples will make your university students proud. Announce your student's academic excellence to the world with the use of these award designs and see the effects yourself. So, hurry and download any of these templates today and make your students pleased!

How to Create an Academic Certificate in Illustrator

The best learning institutes around the world appreciate civic and moral values more than ever. The old savage ways are long gone. What sticks in today's world is a refined and demured culture absent of barbaric actions and mindset. The highest symbol of these lies in education. For this reason, an academic certificate should be of high-quality and beautifully designed so that the students may feel that they are indeed living in the pinnacle of the modern era. Foster this emotion in them by creating the best template yet. Follow these steps below to get started!

1. Draft the Design

Your first step in creating your high-quality academic certificate is to draft the design. You can easily do this by incorporating your school or organization's designs and logos into the design. If your school has a color scheme which you use universally, it would be best if you try and incorporate that to your design, as well. Through doing these things, you ensure that the school and the students have a sense of ownership of their alma mater's colors and the certificates they got from it. With that in mind, It would help if you started from blank but not too blank at all.

2. Create the Content

With your design and arrangement set, you can start creating the content of the file you are creating. Important things when it comes to this area are as follows, the name, address, and contact information of the school or university. Second, the name of the student and his/her achievement in the field. And lastly, the signatures of the responsible people. Keep in mind that putting too many signature lines on the page can make your design rowdy, so ensure quality by putting just enough details. After this, you should try and do proofreading and some editing to ensure that you are creating quality documents. If it is required hiring an excellent writer and editor should do the job.

3. Secure the Supplies

After creating the content of the file, you should start acquiring the best supply for the certificate. It would be best if you ask experienced individuals in the field. Through doing these actions, you ensure that you deliver the highest quality available. Make sure that you and the person responsible for the printing have excellent communication, and either party misses not one detail. It would be best if you tried going for small businesses because they might give you discounts on bulk orders.

4. Save the Sample

Last, if you want to use the same school template for your other graduation events, it would be best if you save the sample or the model. This step is effortless and may require less reading at all. However, this step is to remind you that by doing this, you ensure that your high school or college will always be ready for any surprises. So make sure to save the files and be alert for any occasion.

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