How to Create a Bakery Menu in Microsoft Publisher

Based on the survey conducted by Thrillist Food, Arcade Bakery snatch the first spot among the best bakeries in the United States. This bakery can be seen along the busy streets of New York, serving the people with their famous sweet and savory french croissants, caramel apple brioches, and whiskey-pecan babka. If you wish to become successful like Arcade Bakery, then you need to bake delicious treats with inviting menu designs. Why? Because bakeries don't stop at baking. You also need to concentrate on other areas such as menu-making since menus will be the first item your customers will be looking at. If you want to know the steps on how to make an inviting bakery menu, then kindly refer to the steps below for will teach you how.

1. Create a List of the Foods you Sell

First off, you need to think and decide what kinds of baked goodies you plan to sell. Since it's a bakery, you can either sell delicious cupcakes, bread, cookies, confections, and other pastry products. If you want your customers to enjoy more, then you can pair up your goodies with relaxing beverages such as coffee, tea, and others. Create a list and write them down on a piece of paper and choose which ones are going to make it to the menu.

2. Allocate Costs to Menu Items

Since you've already decided what type of baked goodies you're planning to sell, you can now ponder and assign the prices to every item on your menu. Bear in mind that consumers are always on the lookout for cheap deals. Consider the following considerations when coming up with your bakery price list: the price of the materials, tools, labor, and so on. It is also essential to check out the prices offered by your competitors so you can sell your product with a lesser amount.

3. Choose the Right Designs and Typography

Now that you're done with the essential procedures, it's time for you to choose the designs and the right choice of typography for your product menu. In case you're having a hard time, you can refer to our sample menu templates above and use them in your bakery shop. You can simply change the layout and the format using Microsoft Publisher and incorporate the details you want to include. In addition to that, you should also choose cute colors for it is also one of the effective factors that can invite more customers.

4. Review and Print

If you're already done with steps one to three, it is time for you to review your menu and print it out on high-quality card stock. Or, if you want your customers to see it even from afar, then you can print it on a larger size and place it on the upper portion of your service counter. Make sure to use top-quality printing services so that your clients can read your products easily, without an uneasy feeling.

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