According to Statista figure, 79% of the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners have been using brochures as part of their marketing strategies. This goes to show that despite the occurrence of digital marketing, print advertising materials like brochures have proved its effectiveness in the long-run and are still existing in the present. So, if you want to ensure that your company is well-known to the public, we suggest you make use of our Blank Brochure Templates as your promotional material. This comes with pre-made backgrounds customizable in Adobe InDesigns and printable in A4 and US sizes. Download our templates now and have an effective marketing material right away!

How to Make a Blank Brochure in InDesign

Making brochures are not that difficult, but it sure does need effective planning. Follow the tips we provide below on how to create a blank brochure for your reference.

1. Open a Blank Document

To start your blank brochure-making process, open a blank document in your chosen editing software. There are various applications that you can choose in making your company brochure, but you have to pick one that has more vector feature elements that you can use like Adobe InDesign.

2. Choose the Fold

Once your blank corporate brochure document is available, it's time to decide what brochure fold to use. In doing so, you have to assess the length of your content and visuals to identify which brochure fold works best.

3. Create the Sections

The next thing to do after choosing the brochure fold is to create and format each section of your blank marketing brochure. Doing this will make the process easy since you will have an idea of where to input the content, as well as the designs and layouts.

4. Design the Brochure

Once formatting is done, it's time to craft the visual aspects of your blank advertising brochure. You can be creative in designing your brochure as long as it looks professional and compelling and complements its purpose and use.

5. Make it Customizable

Your blank professional brochure template is not only for one-time use. Instead, you can use its layout multiple times for various purposes. Hence, avoid putting too many graphic designs to have enough space for adjustments.

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