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What Is a Book Cover?

A book cover is a protective covering that binds together all the pages of a book. It does not just function as a protective covering. It also conveys the title of the book, showcases an image or artwork about its contents and characters, and presents the book author's name.

How to Create a Book Cover in Microsoft Word?

We all know the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover." It's an excellent thought to keep in mind when choosing a book to read. However, it doesn't mean that a dull-looking book cover for your book is okay. If you want your book to stand out in the bookshelves of various bookstores, what you can do is to create an elegant and attention-grabbing book cover. We have gathered a few tips to help you achieve that.

1. Use Microsoft Word

You might think of Microsoft Word as a mere word processor, but it can function efficiently as a book cover creator. So why not use it for your book cover. Microsoft Word is super easy to use, has features that allow you to have creative freedom, and chances are you already have it on your PC or laptop. Moreover, Microsoft Word is a more user-friendly software compared to other sophisticated editing software.

2. Set Eye-Catching Images as Background

The images on your modern book cover can be a contributing factor to your book's marketability in bookstores. For that reason, you must set eye-catching images as its background. You don't need to set realistic images. But should you decide to do so, might as well hire a professional photographer and let them work their magic. The images you must set should give a hint on what to look forward to with its chapters. For instance, if your book is all about Asian cuisine, then you can set images of various mouthwatering unique Asian dishes. But if your book is a fantasy story, then you can set images of castles, kings, queens, dragons, and knights.

3. Set Artistic Fonts If Needed

If your book is educational and quite technical, there's no need to set artistic fonts for the texts of your book cover. But if your book is fiction such as romance and fantasy, it's best to set artistic fonts. If you're using Microsoft Word, then you have a lot of choices on what font style to set. Just try on as many as you can until you find one that's perfect. Remember that the font styles of your printable book cover's texts also contributes to its overall aesthetic quality. The texts on your book cover are the following: title of your book, its slogan, and your name as the author.

4. Enhance Its Design Layout

After setting an image for its background and setting artistic font styles for its texts, invest some of your time to apply some enhancements with your book cover design layout. The best you can do is enhance its color scheme and attach clip arts if necessary. By doing this, you can expect to have the perfect book cover for the pages of your book.

5. Use Book Cover Templates

There's no need to worry if you genuinely find it difficult to create a book cover from complete scratch. Printable and editable book cover templates are available for download on the internet. Such templates are abundant here with us in Template.net. With the help of these templates, what you only need to do is apply your personal creative touch.

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