What Is a Bookmark?

A Bookmark is a thin material that is used as a page marker when reading a book. It is inserted between pages to help you identify where you left off the next time you decide to read again. It can either be bought from a bookstore or handmade (DIY). Bookmarks are made of a card, leather, or a piece of fabric that people use to keep their places in books. Markers can be made of different materials such as metals, wood, sewing cords, and plastic.

There have been indications that bookmarks were around since the emergence of codices in the first century. However, the earliest existing marker was dated from the 6th century AD. It was made of ornamented leather lined with vellum, and attached with a leather strap to the cover of a Coptic Codex, which can be seen on display at the Beatty Library in Dublin.

How to Create a Bookmark

Markers are made with cardboard or heavy paper. The creativity of today’s individuals introduced steel and wire, tin, beads, wood, and even lace to their bookmarks. Modern bookmarks are made available in a wide variety of materials with an infinite number of styles and designs.

If you need advice on how to create your bookmark, read our guidelines below.

1. Decide on Your Style

When you decide to go crafty with your bookmark-making, you may gather ideas from the internet. Upon searching, you can find various versions of a bookmark. Some of it includes corner bookmarks, leather bookmarks, magnetic bookmarks, gift tag bookmarks, and many more. You have to pick one that suits your style and comfort.

If you are planning on giving it away as a gift, then make sure the style will fit his/her personality.

2. Embellish Your Bookmark

After having gathered ideas from the internet, you may now start to embellish your bookmark. Don't be afraid to add a personal touch to your bookmarks. Gather your materials, such as a pair of scissors, construction papers, glue, stickers, colored pens, etc. It's important to gather them before making your bookmark to avoid distractions. You may use a checklist to make sure everything is complete.

3. Fill With Text (Optional)

Some markers are seen with inspirational quotes and bible verses. If you need encouragement or motivation now and then, it would be wise to put these messages in your bookmark. There are a lot of inspirational quotes or bible verses on social media for you to choose from. If you already have one, much better. If you are fond of doing calligraphy, then you can use it for your message.

4. When All Else Fails, Download Our Templates

If you are not a crafty person, then download a printable graphic template. Choose and download a model of your liking then customize to your style for instant results. Available in various software applications. Download now!

5. Your Bookmark Is Ready

After having observed all the steps above, your bookmark is now ready for use. If you opted for a DIY marker, you would appreciate it more because of the time and effort you invested in it. If you used a template for your bookmark, you can either personally print it or have it printed professionally.

If you plan to give it away as a gift, then have it enclosed for protection.

Can I bookmark on an E-book?

The answer is yes. While reading an e-book you can choose to bookmark your favorite page or section by selecting Ctrl+D on the pages individually. On Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the bookmark option is usually called "favorites".

What are the usual sizes of Bookmarks?

Bookmarks can be of any size, you want it to be. However, the usual sizes used are:

  • 2" x 6"
  • 2" x 7"
  • 2.5" x 8.5"

You can choose to get your bookmark punched.

Are ribbon bookmarks used these days?

Ribbon bookmark are very much in fashion and has a classical touch to it. You can make ribboned bookmarks by:

  • Make a hole in your bookmark.
  • Fold a ribbon of about 3-4 inches and insert it through the hole of the bookmark to tie it.
  • Pull the two ends of the ribbon to tie them so that it slides down.
  • Trim the extra ribbon from the sides.

What are the different types of Custom bookmarks?

Bookmarks can be of various types and sizes depending upon the reader's preferences. The types of custom bookmarks usually in fashion include:

  • The string
  • The Ribbon
  • Customized Bookmarks with prints
  • Charm Bookmarks
  • Metallic Bookmarks
  • Embroidered or metal Bookmarks

What are the papers used to make bookmarks?

Bookmarks are usually made with cardstock or any other available material. One can also choose to print out pictures or laminate them and punch with ropes or ribbons to make the perfect bookmark for themselves. You can also use cardboard cut-outs, pictures,clips to make your bookmark special or customized to the theme of the book.

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