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Bookmarks are usually thin markers made of card, leather, or a piece of fabric that people use to keep their places in books, and be able to return to their places with ease. Bookmarks can be made of different materials such as metals, wood, sewing cords, and plastic.

While it may seem like a modern construct, there have been indications that bookmarks have actually been around since the emergence of codices in the first century. However, the earliest existing bookmark was dated from the 6th century AD. It was made of ornamented leather lined with vellum, and attached with a leather strap to the cover of a Coptic Codex, which can be seen on display at the Beatty Library in Dublin.

Modern bookmarks are made available in huge varieties of materials with an infinite number of styles and designs. The first of these detached, collectible bookmarks began appearing in the 1850s, with the first reference being found in Mary Russell Mitford’s “Recollections of a Literary Life.”

Many are made with cardboard or heavy paper, but the creativity of today’s individuals also introduced steel and wire, tin, beads, wood, and even lace to their bookmarks. For the simpler cardboard versions with beautiful printed designs, has numerous bookmark designs that are easy to download and customize, making them great not only for personal use, but for inexpensive gifts and giveaways as well.

Available in multiple file formats such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher, these bookmark templates are easy to download and customize. Each file comes with high-quality photos and graphics in 300 DPI resolution for print-friendly bookmarks that you can print for every book that you’ve ever owned in your personal library. From simple and classy prints for your classics, to dark and gothic designs for the horror genre, offers designs fit for every genre you can ever think of -- with a twist that makes it uniquely your own.