Considering a funeral brochure as the last memento for the demised, the family of the deceased will no doubt confide with the funeral home who can offer them the best such funeral service that they righteously want and deserve. Collaborate your funeral home with our professionals! Here are our Ready-Made Funeral Brochure Templates in Microsoft Word that are expertly made by our creative industry professionals with the embedded customizable feature for the rest of your specifications and your clients' particular demands. It's instantly printable in 8.5x11 inches + Bleed to save much more of your time crafting from scratch. It's also easily downloadable in PSD, Pages, Publisher, and Illustrator file formats. Take our templates now while free.

How to Create A Funeral Brochure in Microsoft Word

As per the initial 2019 statistics by Statista, there are roughly 19,336 funeral homes in the US. Through its several numbers, the competition in the funeral industry can still be considered tough. Hence, it's just suggestible to upscale your funeral services in all its aspects to remain visible in the business. If you need help in upscaling your funeral services, particularly in providing remarkable funeral brochures, the following key points are provided to help you create an impressive funeral brochure after downloading one of our ready-made templates above.

1. Verify Thoroughly all the Details

Their funeral brochure is their final memento for their loved ones. Each bit of detail must be presented with its best of exactness. Gather the details thoroughly through your contact person within the family or client group, then verify accordingly. Have the clear spelling of the name of the deceased, the funeral program's order of service, obituary, pallbearers, and other relevant details. If there is a particular detail that is unclearly verified by a person, the strongest point of reference you can look for are the official papers such as the death certificate of the deceased.

2. Determine the Fold Type

Generally, there are two common types of brochure folds, the trifold and bifold variations. Each of these bears their own particular benefits and advantages. For instance, trifold layouts can be rich in details and wordings, but images and graphical elements may be interrupted or minimized. On the other hand, bi-fold brochure cuts can give you the uninterrupted graphics and image display. Talk with your clients and discuss which fold best suits their particular demands.

Our premade brochure templates above are preset already in both folds for your ensured time-saving benefit.

3. Subtle Visuals

Though funeral brochures are of the documents that everyone does not want to receive by, you can help them lighten the grief by giving the funeral brochure with the visual quality that resonates calmness and serenity; both can be done in either creative and/or minimal brochure designs. Choose the color scheme that it will appear fresh and breathable to the eyes. Light colors, neutral tones are highly advisable in this type of document where typographies can be stylized or fancied accordingly. Limit the usage of font style into two or the utmost three font styles. Usually, making use of several font styles can make the design or whole brochure appeal very randomized, losing its sentimental value.

4. Say Thank You

The presenting guests have also invested their time and effort to come to the funeral. It is customary and a must to appreciate their condolences and gestures by acknowledging them through thanking them at the end of the funeral brochure's layout. A simple thank you message will be enough. This can be sectioned on the last page or last space of your brochure from the back. This content should not be necessarily lengthy, where a paragraph of three to five sentences are sufficient enough.

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