How to make a Broker Brochure in Microsoft Word

A business broker is to act as a buffer between the buyer and the seller, as mentioned on This is a fact, a broker serves as a middleman agent between the buyer and the seller. It could be a firm or an individual who manages the exclusive agreement of both parties. A broker will provide a full collection of choices for the buyer, and most of the time, the most competitive prices and right quality products or properties are shown in a simple quotation sheet or bid sheet, always win the selection process. Both parties agreed to particular payment terms and turnover date right after closing the deal. They are obliged to provide a summary of the contract and condition accepted by both parties through an invoice. The invoice entails a lot of information from the quality of the property or product to the agreed quotation. Since a broker does a lot of transactions, putting them all together in a single brochure is an essential matter as it showcases the product and services they've been selling.

There are several types of broker, namely, insurance broker, mortgage broker, realtor, and several other roles. They were all part of a single transaction in promoting products or properties of the seller and selling a product or property to the buyer. Without a broker brochure, a smooth sale won't happen, and closing deals as fast as possible, will not be obtained. We have several broker brochure templates that we can use to introduce our services, and creating one will help us to build our networks. We compile all the essential steps to create an attractive brochure for your clients.

1. Outline your Plan

A broker brochure should provide all information regarding the services and expertise of every broker in a firm. Laid out the firm mission and vision, professional individuals, with their knowledge, needs a concise and detailed content to attract potential clients. You may use simple plan templates to know what are the information we need to collect and serves as a guide in creating your content on your brochure. Through this tool, they will have an overview of the people where they can pour their trust in their next investment plan.

2. Decide Layout

The layout and designs might depend on the particular services and background these brokers possesses. We sighted earlier that there's a lot of broker type, figuring out the appropriate layout and designs that suits well with their background can do a little whisk of magic on your brochure. These sample brochures correlate to real state marketing flyer, which aims for the same vision. These brochures are customizable, so you can drop and drag your ideal layouts to achieve an awesome graphic design.

3. Choose Template

Work together with the real state broker flyer; a brochure version provides more critical information on the services and expertise every broker offers to your businesses, whether you are a stockbroker or a broker for an export company. Choose the appropriate template that thoroughly covers the whole concept of a brokerage firm. It should focus on the brand message and attitude of the firm towards their job, thus attracting clients is an easy-peasy deal.

4. Rescan & Review

A broker is meticulous in detail and always keep an eye on the client's decisions. It should go well with the brochure too, an eye for discrepancies is still a skill in proofreading the contents. A single error can compromise the customer's expectations and during a transaction, it can alter the expected expense statement. Whenever there's would be any misspelled words and unnecessary description, must be prevented.

5. Consider Bleed & Trim

Since this brochure composed of valuable content from the featured image model to appealing content, the edge should precisely fit for the bleed line and another space for the final trim. The standard size is 8.5 by 11" inches (US) and divides each fold by 3" inches. We may readjust the images and other elements on your brochure to let all content compacted on every division. We may pull out a sample print to see the final output.

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