You’re planning an event, let’s say it’s a birthday party or even a bridal shower, and you want to invite your loved ones the special way. You want to get invitations from the store but you feel it isn’t sentimental enough, so you decide to make your own cards. But how do you do that? Well, look no further! Here at, we offer some high-quality, ready-made templates such as a bridal shower invitation card template and ice cream invitation card template. These templates can be used in Adobe Illustrator. Available in different sizes of 5.5×2 inches, 4×6 inches, and 5×7 inches with bleed. Use these templates to create printed invitation cards using CMYK color space with 300 DPI resolution. What are you waiting for? Download our templates today!

What Is an Invitation Card?

An invitation card is a card mailed out to guests when you want to invite your friends and family to a special occasion or event like birthday, weddings, graduation, or dinner parties, to name a few. Invitation cards are available almost everywhere for purchase, but designing your own cards shows a special sentimentality to the people you invite.

How to Create an Editable Invitation Card in Adobe Illustrator

It's always an experience to celebrate a big moment, celebration, or event with the people that you love and care about. To bring those people together, you would need to send out invitation cards. While there are always invitation cards ready-made and available in stores, it's always extra special if you make one yourself. If you're unfamiliar with the process, then just follow the steps below.

1. Choosing What Kind of Card You Want to Make

The first step to making your own invitation card is to pick out what kind of event you'll be inviting people to. The design and content of your card will depend on your event. Let's take a birthday invitation card for example. The most common design associated with birthdays feature balloons, a clown, party hats, or a giant cake with several lit candles. A graduation invitation card features a graduation cap and/or a diploma. So choose carefully.

2. Create a Series of Rough Drafts

You probably have a design in mind already, but have you explored other options? The purpose of creating a series of rough drafts is to help you pick out the best looking design and maybe help you incorporate two designs to make one that you'll be satisfied with. With the help of Adobe Illustrator, it should be easy to pick one out and design over the draft but we'll get to more of that later.

3. Making the Design

When you've picked out which design you want to work with, you can select your chosen design and move it to a separate tab on Illustrator when you can add layers over it. Make sure your color is set to CMYK. This is to keep your colors the same for when you have it printed out or exported to a JPEG file. Again, make sure that your design is relevant to the event. A wedding invitation needs to feature a design that celebrates marriage. As for your fonts, you can select from the preset fonts in Illustrator. Otherwise, you can choose one to your liking from different sites on the Internet.

4. Adding Your Content and Reviewing

With the design ready, you can now include details about the event. Include necessary information such as the name of the event, the date, what time it begins, and the venue. You can also include details like what they should wear or what to bring. When you finish, make sure you review the content and change any errors you might find.

5. Printing and Distribution

Now that you have your design and reviewed your content, you're ready to have your card printed out. You can upload the card and send them through email, but it's better to send out hard copies. The card you use has to be high-quality paper or even card stock.

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