Catalog Illustrator Templates

Let Your Customers Browse Your Collection with Our Free Catalog Templates in Illustrator! At, You Can Find Creative, Modern, and Beautiful Travel, Exhibition, and Jewelry Catalogs. Similar to a Tri Fold Brochure Template, You Can Easily Change the Graphic Design Background and Size According to Your Liking, It's That Easy!See more

Are you looking for a beautifully designed template to help advertise your list or booklet of products? Well, no need to keep searching, as we’ve got you covered with our library of ready-made catalog templates! Whether you’re selling furniture, fashion/clothing, appliances, service, our varied selection of templates are here to cover what you need to! Each design we have to offer comes as a PSD for you to alter in Adobe Illustrator, with every file being easily editable for your convenience. They're also available in different formats that are suitable in creating a bifold or trifold brochure. Download now and catch the attention of your customers!

How to Make a Catalog in Adobe Illustrator

Some may find it difficult when it comes to making their own catalog. But with the use of Adobe Illustrator and our diverse array of professional ready-made catalog templates, putting together your own brochure or catalog will no longer be a hassle!  Have a look at our short guide down below and we can show you how.

1. Subscribe to Adobe Illustrator

Do you have Adobe Illustrator installed yet? If not, then you can easily find it at Adobe Inc.’s online store from their website. When you’re there, you can pick from different monthly fee rates they have available for you to subscribe to so that you can gain access to using Illustrator (and their other programs). Adobe’s subscription plans can vary in price between school, business, and personal use.

Maybe you’re thinking about why you should settle for Adobe Illustrator when there’s plenty of choices out there from other companies. Well, with being a top pioneering brand in the industry, Adobe has been developing and providing premium-quality software to the public for several decades now since the '80s. So, you can be confident that you’re spending your budget on the best kind of art and design software that’s been continually developed and improved on with every iteration.

2. Install Adobe Illustrator and Have a Look Inside

After you register for a subscription to Illustrator and have it installed onto your computer, start it up and have a gander at what it can do. At first, going through all the different tools and features of Illustrator can be daunting, especially if you might be someone without any preexisting experience in using graphic-rendering software. However, Illustrator is made to be as easy to understand as possible no matter what skill level one may have. So it won’t be long until you start working and editing on your very own catalog.

3. Browse for Your Desired Template

Once you get familiar with Illustrator’s tools and accessories, have a look through our gallery of creative catalog templates until you find the one you need. Be it a stunning collection of jewelry or fine-dining at a classy restaurant, our selection of templates has you covered!

4. Download the Template and Start Working in Adobe Illustrator

Did you pick a template yet? If so, then download the file and open it up in Illustrator. Our varied catalog templates are easy to edit via the use of the program. Not only will it allow you to change the placeholder text and but it also gives you the ability to customize the premade graphic design however you need to!

5. Save Your Work and You’re Done

Make sure to go through what you've made to see if there's anything that has to be edited. Once you're done, remember to save the changes and it’ll be ready for printing. With the help of Adobe Illustrator and our ready-made catalog templates, you can advertise with style!