Give recognition to a deserving individual by creating a well-deserved Award Certificate! If you do not have time to create one yourself, then let us assist you through our Ready-Made Award Certificate Templates that you can download immediately! They all come with beautifully-designed features that you will surely love due to their easy customizability features. You have the freedom to edit your choice of template according to your needs with the help of Adobe Illustrator. Don't pass up this amazing opportunity and download our templates now!

How To Create An Award Certificate In Adobe Illustrator

An Award Certificate may just be a piece of paper to some, but for many, it has sentimental value because it symbolizes their achievement or excellence in school or in their job. If you're assigned to create an award certificate for your company or organization, then download any of our certificate templates and follow our step-by-step guide to make your work easier, plus you can generate certificates that will surely be appreciated by the person who will receive the award. Check out the following steps:

1. Choose Adobe Illustrator As Your Editing Software

When selecting the editing software for your award certificate, you need to make sure that your editing tool has all the features you need to create the best award certificate possible. That's why we highly recommend Adobe Illustrator because it gives you all the features you need for the whole certificate-making process. It is accessible on any online device, plus it's easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is to click the printable and editable certificate template of your choice and edit it using Adobe Illustrator and following the steps.

2. Identify The Purpose

You must first identify what type of award certificate you will be producing. You may create an achievement certificate for students who excelled in academics or extracurricular activities, or you may create an award certificate for your company employees who are top performers in sales and production.

3. Choose The Layout

Certificates are available in distinct normal sizes; make sure you choose the correct size for your use. Our Award Certificate Templates come with standard (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed and you only need to determine the content and design components you choose to incorporate into the layout. You may choose a portrait type of format for your award certificate or you may choose a landscape layout. It all depends on the needs of your school or company.

4. Plan The Contents

Now that you have determined the size and format, its time for you to plan the layout and the design of your award certificate. Make use of readable fonts, pictures with a high-quality design, a neat border, and a formal background in your certificate. Unleash your creativity in creating your certificate's layout.

5. State the Necessary Details

This is the most important component of a certificate. Specify the title, the award name, the date and the description of the award. Avoid using wordy phrases when writing the description of the award. In addition, use clear-bold typography to highlight the prestigious award provided.

6. Print and Frame It

You must guarantee that your certificate is of the highest quality. Choose the correct quality of paper in printing your certificate. It is highly suggested to use card stock or parchment paper in printing your award certificate. Put it inside a frame to ensure its quality for recipients to cherish through the years.

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