Do you need to put together a horizontal graph, a waterfall measurement, or a Gantt chart to outline the data in a timeline? Be it for school, office, or personal use; We’ve got you covered with our diverse collection of professional ready-made timeline chart templates for you to use however you need! Every one of our templates that we have to offer in our selection comes easy-editable as a PDF file to view and alter in Adobe Acrobat, each of those files being available to print in A4 and US letter sizes. Download now so you can save time and effort!

How to Create a Timeline Chart in PDF

By utilizing our line of chart templates and PDF files in Adobe Acrobat Pro, organizing your own timeline chart can be done easily and stress-free! Do you need some guidance in doing so? Just keep reading and follow our easy steps below to see how.

1. Subscribe to and Install Adobe Acrobat Pro

If you don’t have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro yet, just head over to Adobe Inc.’s online store to find it. Once you get there, you can choose from their different options for subscribing to a monthly subscription fee to use Acrobat Pro. The software even comes available to download and use on mobile devices!

But, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth going with Acrobat Pro when you have plenty of options from other brands to choose from. Well, as a leading developer in the industry for over 30 years since the 1980s, Adobe has been continually creating and improving premium-quality products for their consumers. So, you can be sure that you’re getting reliable and efficient software with all the right tools you’ll need for putting together your timeline chart!

2. Download and Install Acrobat Pro, Then Take a Peek Inside

Did you register to Acrobat Pro yet? After you do, install the program onto your computer or mobile device, then fire it up to go through what it has to offer. If you’ve never had any prior experience in using Adobe Acrobat, it’s understandable if you might get a bit confused or even intimidated when looking at the user interface for the first time. However, you’ll quickly see just how simple and direct it is to use and navigate through its different tools and features.

3. Peruse Our Collection to Find the Right Template for the Job

Are you feeling comfortable with using Adobe Acrobat yet? If so, the next step is to browse through our expansive catalog of ready-made timeline chart templates and picking which of those would suit the task best. Whether you need to do project management on a diagram for team productivity or show the monthly process of product manufacturing, our gallery of timeline charts has you covered!

4. Download the File and Get to Work

When you’ve chosen the desired template and have it downloaded, open it up in Adobe Acrobat and start working on it. Do you need some help in setting up your chart? Adobe lets you share PDFs and other files easily with their own system that’s integrated into their various programs and software!

5. Don’t Forget to Save Your Work

After you’re finished with inputting all the necessary data and making what changes you need, just remember to save and you’re done. With the use of Adobe Acrobat and our ready-made timeline chart templates, managing data and productivity takes no time at all!

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