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How to Create an Event Schedule

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” As an event planner, you may have the primary goal, and that is to make sure that an event starts well and ends well according to the schedule, but you cannot achieve it without a plan. So what better way to do it? Through infographic and encouraging event schedules. Well, if you are assigned to do this tedious task, then schedule yourself in making an event schedule. Make sure to take note of these tips that you can follow immediately:

1. Know Your Event Duration

To effectively schedule your event, first, you need to know when it will begin and end. It is an important tip that you need to follow, as you would know how many breaks you would schedule in an event. Also, when you now have the duration, you can make a sample schedule by breaking down sessions based on its period. For instance, if you are scheduling for a conference, you can allocate an hour for the opening remarks and another hour or two for the speaker. Then, you can insert breaks between chunks of activities.

2. Make a Checklist of Activities

After knowing the event's duration, you can now start listing the activities that you need to include in the program. You can make a simple checklist that would verify each of the sections of your event. For instance, if you want to design a creative event schedule for a wedding party, start it by listing the activities as hair and makeup begins, wedding venue setup, photo session for bride and groom, and others.

3. Make Your Schedule Visible

After those tips, you can now start considering how to disseminate your event schedule. How will you distribute it to your audiences? There are various ways on how to do it, like through online distribution, printout, or a poster. Determining this would greatly help you in designing your event schedule.

4. Design your Event Schedule

This step is the most fun yet crucial step in the event schedule as you can now start the graphic design of your event schedule or timetable. But first, you need to consider some factors that would affect its outcomes, such as the type of event, audience, venue, etc. You need to come up with a suitable design that would complement every factor. For example, you cannot add a festive theme for your corporate meeting schedule. Also, it would be boring if you would stick to a minimalistic approach if your event is all about music festivals. Then, you can now indicate your list of activities. Note that you can also insert the logo of the company as part of your design.

5. Download an Event Schedule Template

Aside from creating a simple schedule from scratch, you can make your event scheduling a lot easier by downloading our event schedule templates for your utilization. Then, you can customize and edit it in Microsoft Word.

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