As the fashion industry in the United States has been thriving, employers have also broadened their qualifications in looking for fashion designers. So, if you are a professional fashion designer looking for a job in the fashion industry, we suggest you make an impressive resume that will showcase your qualities. For that reason, we present to you our well-made Fashion Designer Resume templates accessible in Microsoft Word. With our resume templates, you will be able to input your educational background, skills, and even your internship experience. Our printable templates come with well-written sample content that you can use as a guide in making an outstanding resume. Besides that, our templates are ready to print in A4 and US sizes. Download our 100% customizable templates now!

How to Make a Fashion Designer Resume in Microsoft Word

According to the Joint Economic Committee, the fashion industry has a significant economic impact in the United States. In 2017, people roughly spent $380 billion on apparel and footwear alone, with 1.8 million employed people. With this data, we can conclude that the fashion industry in the US is growing year by year. Hence, the employment rate in this industry is high.

Getting the fashion design job you want will never be a problem as long as you highlight your skills and experiences well to your employer. A well-made creative resume is no doubt a big help in landing your desired job. Clean resumes are essential in every job application since this is where the first judgment occurs. For that, we have come up with some guidelines on writing a striking resume that will catch the attention of your employer. Read, understand, and follow them below!

1. Plan your Resume

Resumes are everyone's ticket to employment. But if you don't have an engaging and interesting resume, you will never get the job that you want. Planning your resume allows you to have an idea of what to put into your resume that will hook your employer. Doing so enables you to have a flow of your resume-making process. Thus, it is essential to plan first before you proceed to the real thing, which is making a resume.

2. Prepare your Details

After planning, the next thing you have to do is to collect the information needed for your one-page resume. This consists of general information such as your name, address, educational background, and contact details. Write also your creative skills and other qualifications that you think will draw interest to your employer. You may also include your internships, seminars, and different experiences related to the job you are applying for. Pen down these details in a blank sheet so you can quickly locate if there are missing information.

3. Make Use of a Resume Template

Resumes are not just about the content, but also how it looks. That is why you must give importance to your resume format as well as its layouts and designs. So, if you are not certain about making a resume from scratch, we encourage you to try one of our professionally written Fashion Designer Resume templates. With our sample resume templates, rest assured that you will make your dream to be a fashion designer come true. Select the best professional resume for the fashion designer position you want.

4. Incorporate your Personal Information

When you already have a resume template, it is time for you to edit its details and replace them with yours. You may personalize your resume using Microsoft Word application. This word processor software allows you to edit any document precisely as you want it to be. MS Word has writing features that you can quickly and freely use.

5. Proofread and Print

Never risk your chance of getting hired with an unreadable resume. That is why you need to evaluate your simple resume first before you proceed to print. See if there are errors in grammar, spelling, or in your resume format. Once you are satisfied, you may now print your fashion designer resume.

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