How to Make a Real Estate Flyer in MS Word

According to Time Magazine, there are certain times in a year where people should buy and sell houses. If house construction companies and owners of a rental property adhere to this, they can maximize these peak periods to their advantage. So while waiting, you can begin preparing flyers that you can distribute to potential buyers or tenants. You can also take note of these tips we’ve developed to help you get started.

1. Pick a Template

There are several real estate templates available online, some for free and others for a small fee. Choose one that best suits your preference, and from there, you can begin creating your flyer. Make sure you follow the format and set the size according to how big you want it to be once you print them.

2. Identify the Property's Best Features

The key to a good flyer is to convince potential tenants or buyers that your property is precisely what renters are looking for. List down how many floors the property has and how many rooms there are. You can also brag about the furniture and fixtures, along with the other amenities available.

3. Outline the Benefits

Apart from the place itself, you can also include in your flyer other benefits people can enjoy while living in the property. You can mention its proximity to schools and shopping centers, and describe the kind of community it belongs to. The better people can picture themselves living in the property, the higher the chance there is for them to make further inquiries.

4. Provide an Overview of the Terms and Conditions

While you cannot enclose the entire contract for the property, you can put in your flyer a brief snippet of the terms and conditions. This way, people will have an idea of how the payment process will go and what other benefits they can enjoy. Potential buyers and tenants can also check the requirements they need to prepare before the transaction.

5. Include Visuals

Your flyer must feature good photos of the property. As a marketing tool, it has to be appealing to the eyes of the people. Identify which parts of the property will catch more considerable attention. While a minimalist approach is encouraged, you can also put designs in your flyer to make it look elegant yet professional.

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