Hr Dashboard Excel Templates

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Employees working for human resources, IT, marketing, and other essential departments are the reason why most companies maintain their functionality to work and produce for a living. Despite some circumstances such as turnovers, it is the job of the human resources department to ensure that their KPI and performance are still at its peak. If you plan on creating an HR form report to maintain the management of your company, then we want you to try our ready-made HR Dashboard Templates available in all file formats. They are 100% customizable, easily editable, printable, and professionally made so that you won't have a hard time creating one from scratch. Download our ready-made templates today!

How to Create an HR Dashboard in Excel

Creating your sample dashboard requires a variety of factors, depending on your company's original plan and focus. The human resources department utilizes these panels on a variety of things, depending on what they should present to management based on the company's past KPI and performance. Facts revealed by the Devon County Council states that they use HR dashboards quite often, excluding their school-based employees monthly. With that said, we will give you these steps in creating a sheet template exclusive for your company's employees on their KPI and individual performance.

1. Review and Analyze

Before you even begin structuring your employee sheet from scratch, you always want to consider the things you wish your dashboard to deliver as management analyzes the presentation you have created based on their employee's monthly performance. You will also have to be factual with your dashboard based on the company's sources. Always make sure that your work will live up to its purpose to keep the company aware of its current status and workforce.

2. Applying Your Data

After establishing a primary goal for your worksheet template, it's time to begin bringing in your data and start matching everything based on its category. The data presented would reflect your employees and their department's monthly performance. It's also advisable to keep things organized to avoid any confusion from management as they see your report on the company's current performance.

3. Utilizing Excel

You have your goals and data ready for presentation, but where do you place it now? Your sample sheet should have a file format if you want to present your work formally to management and get their attention on the company's current status. An Excel format is perfect for your file format to take shape. It has features that may allow you to use pie graphs and calculations to keep your work detailed to the core so your employers can see the effort you have placed on discussing the company's current KPI and performance level. Achieving this will give the higher-ups time to think of new strategies to keep the company in progress for the better as a result. 

4. Apply Some Creativity

Dashboard presentations may be factual and on-point during discussions and important business meetings but can be bland as well in the process. Due to its blandness, you want to keep things on the lighter side and get a little creative with your work to maintain the attention of your colleagues on your formal document upon presentation. Add some color, and don't be afraid to hesitate even for a bit. Dashboards like these indeed require more formalities, especially during meetings. Just balance it out, and everything will turn out fine.

5. Review It Again and Present

After finishing all the essential aspects of your analysis report for the company, it's time you start reviewing everything before presenting. You may have missed out on a thing or two, and you may revise them when necessary. However, if you feel like you've finished everything for your HR dashboard's completion, then you're now ready to present your work to management and keep your company at its very peak in the process.