How to Use Apple Pages to Edit Your HR Form Templates

Our selection of Ready-Made HR Form Templates provides you with documents that are ready to edit in Apple Inc’s Apple Pages software. But, what if you’re not familiar with what Apple Pages even is? Well, Pages is an app that’s easy to use while still being highly efficient, and we’ve got a guide to show you how to utilize it for your templates!

1. Ease and Efficiency at No Cost

Shelling out a considerable amount of money to buy pricey editing programs can be pretty off-putting; however, Apple Inc. provides their Apple Pages software free of charge to use by anyone. So, there is no need to spend the company’s funds on licenses and subscriptions for computer programs to use in putting together an employee complaint form or a job opening notice when you have Apple Pages free and ready to use! All you have to “pay” is a visit to their online app store to download it!

2. Have a Look Through What Pages Has to Offer

After downloading the software, you’ll see that Apple Pages is more than just a word processing app to add and edit text for your sample form templates; with Pages, you can make your documents look flashier and more impressive by taking advantage of the program’s tools for art and creativity. It even has compatibility with Apple Pencil, making editing feel more intuitive! Will you need to work on that training pamphlet while you’re out having lunch? Pages has you covered with its availability for use on your iPad tablet and other iOS devices!

3. Decide on the Right Template for the Job

Do you need to send out a notice for disciplinary action or maybe do some paperwork for an employee’s resignation? We are able to provide you with whatever you would need for work within the HR office; each file from our collection of professional Ready-Made HR Form Templates already comes with the minimum required text and layout that always take up so much time putting together, and we even provide simple instructions for pointing out which specific bit of information goes where in each field to be filled out. Just have a skim through the names of each template displayed on the page, click on the template that’s right for the job, and then download the template with the use of the provided link.

4. Get to Work on Apple Pages

Once you’re done with browsing through our catalog of Ready-Made HR Form Templates and downloaded the document that you need, it’s time to make use of Pages by filling out and editing your new business templates! It’s super easy to alter the forms; simply delete the instructional sample text, then fill in whichever fields that you need to as your part in HR management. Remember that Pages lets you do so much more than just editing text; use whichever of its tools it has available for sprucing up your paperwork!

5. Voila, You’re Done!

When you’ve finished working on the form, just go ahead and print out however many copies you need. With Apple Inc. being renowned for its quality across the globe, it’s no wonder Apple Pages is so simple to use yet offers so much -- and for free!

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