Letterheads are not just mere basic details about your company. But, it gives your documents identity and credibility. So, as the HR, whatever documents you might be writing and sending to people, you have to include a letterhead. If you don't have one, then grab from our trove of beautiful HR Letterhead Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages. These letterheads are uniquely designed to make your business different from others. These are also easily editable and printable in A4 & US sizes. What are you waiting for? Download a letterhead template now!

How to Make an HR Letterhead in Apple (MAC) Pages

According to Paycor, the experts found out that around 55 million job openings will unlock in 2020. But aside from entertaining a job application for employment, HR should also focus on some tasks within the company. One of which is making an HR letterhead. Letterheads are great company branding. These letterheads help people distinguish your company from others. If you need a guide in making a company letterhead, then this article will help you. Refer to the tips below:

1. Insert Company Logo

One of the essential elements that make your letterhead unique is your logo. Your logo is your brand, and it has to be visible on the letterhead.

2. Input Contact Number and Website

Company letterheads don't just brand your business, because it also helps people contact and visit your company. For that reason, you have to input your company's contact number. This will help people contact you for inquiries.

Also, don't forget to add your company's website link. A lot of people can visit your website and check out what your company does.

3. Include Social Media Address and Company Address

In the digital age, you have to make sure that you have social media accounts. As you know, most people on the planet have social media accounts, and they use them to communicate. So, if you want to connect with people, place your social media addresses.

Aside from social media addresses, you also have to include your physical address. This way, people will know where they can visit your company.

4. Maintain a Professional Look

After knowing the details your letterhead should have from the previous steps, you have to make sure that you maintain a professional look. Given that you have to include a letterhead for each HR document like an offer letter, a complaint letter, HR department budget, and others, you have to make it professional and formal to show credibility.

5. Identify Where You Place It

You have the freedom where you want to position your business letterhead. It will depend on the format you want. You can place it on the header or footer.

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