Not everyone has the access to the internet. However, you can make your target clients connect with you through the phone. All you need to do is to simply give them a business card. A business card contains all your business contact information. Our ready-made HR Business Card is perfect for you to use. It's nailed with the essential elements you've been looking for in a business card. It's 100% downloadable, editable, and printable. It's also available in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, MS Publisher, MS Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages. All you need to do is to subscribe through our website at for more business deals.

How to Create an HR Business Card in Pages

You might think that business cards are dead, then you are wrong. Even if we are surrounded by technology, business cards are still relevant in this generation. According to an article published by that cards are still the quickest way to exchange information especially during conferences, parties, and other small or big events. This is because a business card contains all the necessary contact information that a person needs such as the business phone number, address, and email.

And if you are excited to craft a card, and that's good because we are also excited to teach you how you can do it. There is no need to switch websites because you can find the ultimate guide only here. Our team of professional has created some tips that will serve as your guide. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

1. Get to Know the Elements of a Business Card

You can't start crafting an HR Business Card without knowing its essential elements. The components play a very crucial role as it will make your card meaningful. Therefore, better recognize the elements so that you can connect with your clients. The components include your name, contact information, graphics, shapes, lines, color tone, etc. With these elements, you are able to design a perfect business card.

2. Aim for the Target

So, what's the reason why you want a business card? Because you want to connect with your clients, right? Don't create a corporate business card for the sake of just following others who are doing it. But, design a card that matters. Create one for the sake of your target customers so that you can make a connection with them. This might give their trust in doing business with you.

3. Release the Artist in You

Whatever that's stopping you from becoming an artist, let it go and focus on something that will make you into something. If you can't make a creative business card, how will you be able to lure your customers? Therefore, conceptualize a design to make your layout look professional and compelling. Your dazzling printable business card can be an advantage in promoting your Human Resource firm.

4. Craft Your Layout

You can start creating your card layout by opening Apple Pages on your computer. Utilize the tools found in the software and start making your design. Don't forget to apply the elements that you've learned from reading step one. It will help a lot while you are editing. Plus, don't forget to blend the design with the right type of colors so that it will look charming and alluring.

5. Protect, Strike It Off, and Distribute

Congratulations! Now, you have a business card. The next thing that you are going to do is to save the template. Saving your file enables you to use it in the future. Start saving it on your portable device, laptop, or websites like google drive or yahoo mail. And then start producing a copy. Distribute it to your target clients.

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