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How to Make an HR Report In Apple Pages

The purpose of an HR Report is to present whatever is working for the company and what needs improvement. To make a good HR report you need to make it as comprehensive as possible, and if you need help getting started, continue reading and follow these tips.

1. Consider What the Report is About

Before you start making your report, think about what this HR report is about and to which part of the Human Resource Department it is relevant to. An example such as a situation would be, a headcount report for a recruitment project. Once you understand the purpose of it, you will have an easy time doing a write up for that particular report.

2. Think of the Format

To make the write up a smooth sailing process you need to plan out what your HR Report is going to look like. Whether it is going to be on a word file or an excel spreadsheet, use a professional (and readable) looking font, the company's color schemes and use the appropriate chart/table to present your data.

3. Get to the Point

Whether you are writing a proposal or a plan, you have to write in a professional tone when doing the write up your HR Report. However, try to avoid any unnecessary statements and flowery words for whoever is going to read the report.

4. Organize Your Information

If you need to present a lot of information, data or numbers, then it is vital that you present them in a way that makes it easier to read and interpret for your reader. Make use of tables, charts, and color-coding to make specific information easy to view and understand.

5. Proofread Those Reports

Before you send your final draft, take some time to double-check on your report. HR Reports are full of sensitive information so it is important to make sure that it is all written down as accurately as possible.

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