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How to Make a Professional ID Card in Adobe Illustrator?

An ID card is a document that proves a person's identity. Aside from its primary purpose, which is identification, ID cards are also used for access, payment verification, and tracking services. Identification cards have become an essential part of the business arena, making it possible to identify employees and visitors, as well as enhance the integrity and security of the company.

Are you tasked to make ID cards? If you are, then the following guidelines in making professional ID cards will help you most.

1. Determine The Size And Orientation Of The Card

Identification cards are displayed either horizontally or vertically. The card's orientation and size usually depend on the proprietor's nature of work and to the industry he/she is working with. If your employees regularly interact with customers and clients, their ID cards should be designed as a marketing tool wherein the name of the employee are visible to a human eye.

2. Customize Card Features

Even though an ID card has limited space, you still have to encode all necessary details about the bearer and the company. It is already given that Identification documents such as passport, ID card, driver's license use photo identification. Photo identification allows security personnel to identify the person wearing the ID quickly. Also, do not forget to indicate the employee's signature and the company/organization's logo. By doing so, it will be extra tricky for fraudulent cards to be created. Moreover, you can enhance security by adding a holographic overlay or a non-replicable fingerprint in your cards.

3. Include Terms of Use

No matter how creative or simple your ID card appears, it is vital to put terms of usage in its back portion. By setting the terms, the proprietor will be aware of the card's scope and limitations.

4. Make Use Of Our ID Card Templates

Designing an ID card is a tedious task. However, we're proposing an idea where you need can save time and money. You can use any of our high-quality professional ID card templates and customize it according to your preference. If you're quite confused about what program to use in customizing it, we suggest that you use Adobe Illustrator since it is a user-friendly application. Moreover, this software editing program is entirely scalable, it provides a helpful user interface, it creates print graphics and web graphics with ease, and it works in almost any computer system.

5. Print And Laminate

After you are done with your multipurpose or modern professional ID cards, allocate some time to review the encoded data. We are talking about identity here, so you better be careful. Once you are sure that there is no mistake in the identification document, you can no print it. To ensure its durability, you can use materials like HID smart cards, or PVC, which can last long compared to paper materials.

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