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What Is the Purpose of a Graduation Invitation?

When one receives this type of invitation, it means that he/she is invited to attend another's graduation party. It contains information that the recipient can use to know when exactly the occasion will take place, along with other important details such as where it is going to be held and who it's being held for. So if you're planning someone's preschool, high school, or even college graduation party, be sure to prepare the invites that you'll need to send.

How to Make a Graduation Invitation in Illustrator

1. Setup the Invitation Document

Open up Adobe Illustrator and then head straight to the File tab and click on New. From there, you will have to choose your preset size or what dimensions you want your file to be in. Make sure to include a bleed of at least 1.25 so that nothing is cut off from your invitation once you start printing. After that, you can click on create and you'll see how your invitation should look like.

2. Make Your Invitation Look Good

Your invitation card will need something if you want to make it look attractive. What you can do is to add an image or two to the design. To do this, you will have to go to File, click Place, and then choose whatever image you want to include. Drag it to the area of the invitation that you think looks good. Be sure to make it extend all the way to the bleed so that it's guaranteed to extend to the edge of the invitation. Also, use images with high resolution so that scaling won't be an issue.

3. Add Information

You simply have to click on the text tool and select the area that you want to put the text in. Know that you can change the font and font size by going through the properties tab. Start by emphasizing the name of the person that is graduating and the year in which he/she graduated from. Then you'll want to make a statement that the recipient is invited to the graduation party. Make sure to include details such as the date and time that it's going to take place and the venue where the party will be held. Also, include RSVP information so that you'll know who can make it and who won't be able to.

4. Check for Any Mistakes and Save

Go through the entire invitation to see if there's anything that you may have to fix. Check the alignment of your text and whether or not your image went beyond the bleed line. If there are any grammatical or spelling errors, correct them immediately. Don't forget to check the accuracy of your information and that you've managed to include everything that the recipient will need to learn. When saving your file, consider saving it in different formats so that you'll have no trouble printing your invitation.

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