Send out stunning and creative invitations for an upcoming luncheon with friends, colleagues, or workmates. Whether it’s a professional gathering or a simple get together with friends, our wide selection of invitation templates can cater to your needs. These files are ready-made and can be downloaded instantly. They make use of beautifully-designed content that you can fully customize to suit your preferences. Open them in all versions of Microsoft Word. Print-ready, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. You can also send the invitations online through email or social media. What are you waiting for? Download Lunch Invitation Template In Microsoft Word now!

How To Make A Lunch Invitation Template In Microsoft Word

The happiness and the joy you felt whenever you are together with your friends or family cannot be replaced by anything. The sad thing is, it is tough to gather them together in one place due to the busy and tight work schedules each of them has. It is the best thing of the day if ever you are with them during breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or any time of the day. Lunch is the ideal time since most likely; it is everyone's break time. Why not try and invite them ahead of time by sending them a lunch invitation? Gather everyone you want to have lunch with by making an invitation. Make use of our lunch invitation templates presented above and follow our provided steps/tips below.

1. Start With A Greeting

The guests will feel your eagerness if the invitation will start with an enthusiastic greeting. The invitees usually make first impressions; hence, simple greetings need to be highlighted. Invitations and letters always begin with a greeting as a way of showing gratitude and excitement. If you have troubles on what greeting phrases you need to use, then you can look for our greeting card templates and use it as a sample. Also, no need to worry too much since our lunch invitation templates already contain greeting contents.

2. Insert A Memorable Photograph

The people you usually invite are your family, friends, and teammates. It is already apparent that the invitees and you have a memorable moment together. The invitation card will be more special if it includes a particular photo that you took together. Unleash your artistic side and insert the chic picture in the right place. The invitees will surely feel more obligated to attend the team lunch because of the memorable photo.

3. Outline The Content Using Microsoft Word

You already have ideas on what to include in your invitation. To complete the invitation, you need to outline everything to finish the invitation. For hassle-free outlining, Microsoft Word is the perfect software for you. MS Word aims to enable users to type and save files. Projects produced with Microsoft Word software look more visually appealing than materials that are handwritten or handcrafted. It can also save various versions of files and sort them quickly so you can go back to the same document's prior versions. It's easy to make copies, saves time on printing and making the job simpler.

4. Use Our Lunch Invitation Templates is the perfect website for any templates that you wish to customize. Aside from our lunch invitation templates, we have here other templates that relate to what you are creating. We have Appreciation Dinner, Restaurant Menu, Anniversary Invitation, Birthday Invitation, Menu Card, and many very useful templates. Our templates are also downloadable, printable, editable, and beautifully-design so there's nothing you can wish for.

5. Finalize The Lunch Invitation

Run through the invitation before you print. Do not rush on the printing process. It is better if you print one invitation first to check if it is perfect before you do a bulk printing. Be sure that you have the right number of invitations to print. If you plan not to print the invitation and instead opt to send it to the guests digitally, then make sure that you send it to the right email address. For physical handing of the invitation, the guests will feel more special if it is encased into a fancy envelope.

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