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How to Create a Party Invitation in Illustrator

A party invitation is a special way of informing someone about a party you are planning to host. But along with the growth of the modern age, it is a common misunderstanding that invitations and save-the-date cards are outdated stuff. Nowadays, most people turn to social media, e-vites, and group texts to invite guests to an event. While this might seem more convenient, it takes away the personal touch that invitations provide. Here are useful tips to consider in crafting a well-designed party invitation.

1. Decide on a Design Theme

Party comes in different themes or motifs. It could be a birthday, Christmas, farewell, event, business or company party, etc. In that way, you also need to consider the design theme of your party invitation card or letter. If it is a Christmas-themed party, search and pick designs that are relevant to the event.

2. Pick the Right Size

Picking the right size of your party invitation card matters. Consider the length of your message in opting for the proper size. Common invitation card size includes 4” × 6” and 4.25" × 6". These regular-sized invitations are common for birthdays, christenings, and graduation parties. And 5” × 7” size is usually used for grand events such as weddings, achievement or appreciation awards, and formal functions.

3. Play with Typography

An invitation card may contain a playful, fancy, elegant, and formal typography. Typefaces also set the mood of your event party. If you are to create a Christmas party invitation card, incorporate Christmas fonts. If you are throwing a Halloween party, opt for typography that evokes creepy and spooky vibes. Balance it with other graphic design elements such as paper or card color and texture. Choosing for the right typography that reflects your upcoming event will provide your visitors with a clue of what style of activity they will be attending.

4. Incorporate Stunning Photos

Along with other design elements, you can also incorporate photos in your party invitation card. For instance, in your wedding invitation, select high-quality and stunning images in your gallery. Or opt to download pictures online. Make sure you are allowed to use the selected photo, or you may cite the source below. In printing your invitation, the standard resolution is 300 dpi for images and 400 dpi for text at the final printed size.

5. Download a Party Invitation Template

One of the things you need to prioritize in preparation for your event party is the process of making your invitation cards. Instead of starting from a blank template, you can go online—research for templates related to your event. For suggestions, you can stay on this page. You may want to look for available high-quality party invitation templates in Illustrator. After you have downloaded your desired template, open and edit it in Adobe Illustrator. It is a popular program used for designing that mainly operates vector graphic images. With Adobe Illustrator, you will be able to create high-quality outputs.

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