In some cases, a statement of work (SOW), serves more just narrating project description and defining project-based activities for businesses because it can be a binding contract, which makes it more crucial. Whether you are managing an I.T.-related business that focuses on software development or hardware enhancement, you need a statement. This statement is helpful for business operations and mostly in project management. So, here is an IT and Software Statement Template that you can download straight from our website. With this 100% customizable, easily editable, professionally made, high-quality, and printable template, you can compete in the competitive field of business. Get started with your statement now. 

How to Make an I.T. and Software Statement in Google Docs?

The software market is a booming industry. Want to know why? According to Statista, the industry contributed a total of 456.1 billion U.S. dollars in the economy in 2018. Based on the data shown on Statista's website, the market's trend in terms of turnover is increasing. That shows a projected increase in revenue for 2021 that would peak to 507.23 billion U.S. dollars. You don't need to stay grounded to keep up with your direct competitors. So, here is a list of steps in making a statement in Google Docs.

1. Narrow It Down

You can associate a statement as a capability statement because it contains what is expected from a project. That said, making a statement can take a lot of time and effort. So, break down the project into phases and work on it separately.

2. Define the Project

It is clear that a project has deliverables—this is the outcome after a project pulls through. With that, you have to define these deliverables, so it will be clear why the project has to take place. More so, to produce an articulate statement, carefully describe the scope and what's out project scope.

3. Start the Writing

Whether you like it or not, making a statement will get you into writing. Defining the outcome of the project will be more articulate if you define its purpose, too. This way, the document compels the reason why the project should push through.

4. Make Assumptions

Be clear with the inclusions of the project. You can lay the ground rules with the help of the project scope. Make assumptions by stating the expectation in the sample statement. This way, you can properly execute the project.

5. Make It Simple

A good work statement is clear and concise. Make it as simple as possible. Avoid words that are hard to understand and with multiple interpretations.

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