It And Software Proposal Google Docs Templates

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How to Create an IT and Software Proposal in Google Docs?

According to Statista, Alphabeth Inc., a multinational conglomerate company, spent at least $26 billion for the year 2019 on Research and Development (R&D) alone. This consortium is the parent of Google, Calico, and other innovative companies. From here, you can see how well they are developing is directly related to their efforts. As a businessman yourself, you wanted to be on edge, right? Allow your company to soar to new heights by making sure you have high-quality proposals built for the test. How? Well, we provided steps below in creating an excellent business proposal template to help you through expanding your software solution servers and other efforts. Check them out!

1. Sit and Take Note

People are always ready to move. However, the best discoveries happen in moments of realization. Although, if time does not permit it, you need to forego this section. Nevertheless, if you had the chance, try to sit and plan. Make proper deliberations by writing them in your notebook or journal. If you are trying to create a software development proposal, explore different ideas first before starting your study. Your goal should come first before anything else.

2. Find a Solution

Since you now have a direction, you need to start finding solutions that can help in reaching your goal. Although your process may vary depending on the nature of your purpose. In the IT and Software industry, this process may take longer. Progress within the industry is mostly dependent on the technology at hand. We can see that from the ever-evolving Internet technology, as well. So, make sure that you have proper solutions!

3. Create a Draft

After finding a specific solution, you should start creating a proposal draft. Make sure that you are writing it in a formal style or tone. Although a sales proposal template may sound informal, at times, that's credited to the nature of advertising. However, for the IT and Software industry, it's best if you stay formal. 

4. Improve on the Solution

Lastly, you need to improve on the solution. What this means is that you need to learn more about how your answer may affect other industries. Although you might need non-disclosure agreements or contracts to secure this. If you can, you should try to create more rigid research to improve the problem at hand. Innovation does not happen overnight, have the discipline to achieve this. 


  • What is the structure of a proposal?

      A proposal usually includes:
      1. Introduction
      2. Issue
      3. Solution
      4. Qualifications
      5. Conclusion

  • Why are proposals important?

      Proposals are important because they allow employees, investors, and just anyone chance to showcase solutions to problem that your company may have but the management didn't see. With the use of proposals, a solution is ready for the company to accept or implement depending on the decision of the company's body.

  • What are the factors of the research process?

      The research process includes:
      1. Identifying
      2. Locating
      3. Assessing
      4. Analysis

  • What is the average word count for a proposal?

      A proposal does not have a limit on its wordcount. However, the standard word count is around 2,500 words. The word count may become longer depending on the nature of the proposal.

  • What is a software installation proposal?

      A software installation proposal is a document that allows an IT company to install software within the system of a business. Through the use of this document, a business may improve on its previous software and applications and utilize their technology more.