How to Design an IT/Software Invoice in Google Docs?

Even in the IT industry, there is a need to provide proof of payment. That is why invoices still play a crucial role in trade accountability. It also contains a reference number that you can search for in case there is a need to know what kind of business transaction transaction is made. To learn more, you can use the steps below as tips for making an IT/Software invoice.

1. Follow or Create a Format

If you have noticed, each company has their own format for their invoice. You can try and follow their example. You can either create your own format or follow a commonly used format. Having a format for an invoice will help it to be organized and easy to read.

2. Be Creative

You can get creative with the design of your invoice, printable or not. Your aim is to make your invoice personalized, meaning when people see it they will know it that it is yours. Let's say it is part of creating your own marketing tool. Having a personalized invoice also creates brand awareness for your company.

3. Put Your Company's Details

Your invoice will not be complete without the details. It is, after all, invented to record transactions between customers and businesses. If you want people to be able to do business with you regularly, putting your company's details will help. You should include your company name, your contact information, email ID, and social media information as well.

4. Add Products/Services and Total Amount

Dedicate a space for products or services' list in your invoice. To keep it tidy, put lines to separate each item that you will need to list down. Since you'll need your customers to pay for their purchase, leave a space in your invoice to outline the price for each item listed in it. At the bottom, dedicate a space for the total amount of money your customer should pay.

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