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How to Create an Itinerary Template in Microsoft Word

An sample itinerary list is a useful tool for planning a journey in detail. It can be likened to a planner that gives crucial information that tourists need to know when traveling. To make a creative itinerary list, follow the guidelines below:

1. List Down Itinerary Details

When you plan a trip, the first thing that comes into mind is the itinerary. If the tour is for a personal purpose, you might want to list down the names of places you desire to go, without any limitations. The very use of this method is so you could have a lot of choices and gives you time to consider, whether you are planning for a cruise trip, a family vacation, overseas holiday leave, or just a weekend business trip itinerary. It would be great if you can be specific about the location, so when you book your flights or car rentals, you could estimate your budget.

In case you are a travel agent, you can recommend places to tourists. Better yet, if the clients are holding an event and book your services, you can show them tour packages and available venues for their occasion. If they pick a particular destination to have their event, arrange the printable itinerary according to their requests. Take note of transportation arrangements, extra fees for baggage (if traveling by plane), mandatory tippings, fares, and taxes.

2. Consider If Your Activities Adhere to Rules

By picking out a destination, you should have already written down the activities you want to do and experience. However, keep in mind that there are rules you have to follow. Aside from that, there are travel warnings you should heed for your safety, especially when you are traveling in dangerous areas. Check out what kind of recreations are acceptable and give respect to locals.

Since travel agencies have ready-made itineraries for clients, activities are also included with the package. Just make sure that the activities are favorable to the customer and ensure proper scheduling. It is a given that this request might be catered; however, there will be additional fees.

3. Prepare Your Travel Kit

While you are planning the trip, do not forget to prepare the essentials. If you are traveling locally and renting a car, do not forget to bring your driver's license with you. The same goes for those traveling abroad. Equip yourself with a legal passport, pocket money, identification documents, insurance, and a handy map. If you are attending an event itinerary, secure your invitation.

4. For Business Trips, Answer the Who, Where, and When

Making an itinerary for businesspeople is entirely the same with a travel itinerary. However, while it also has to have a date and time, the content is wholly different. It has to answer the questions of who to meet, where to go, and what needs to be done. Be very careful in making a business itinerary because a messed-up list will result in a chaotic schedule.

5. Start Making Your Itinerary List Using Microsoft Word

Now that you have all the vital information you'll need, it is time for you to make a list. Open Microsoft Word on your computer and start typing your contents. Arrange accordingly so it won't look messy and incomprehensible. Be clear and concise about the schedule of activities and locations.

6. Print or Save It

Finally, when you are done doing the input for your itinerary list, you can print it using high-quality printers and paper materials. It is advisable to save your list online as well for convenience.

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