If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then lunch is the next one! Now, who would dare skip this meal, especially when it's a treat that is free or discounted? No one! For various restaurant CEOs and owners, enticing customers with perks like these can let their customer count grow. But how do we give some lucky customers free or discounted meals in hopes that word of mouth marketing will happen for the company? Use our customizable and high-quality Lunch Voucher Templates in Microsoft Publisher. With it, you can design a little card that specifies various perks for your customers. Download now and see its benefits with your restaurant. 

How to Make a Lunch Voucher in Microsoft Publisher

Create and produce lunch vouchers with the guide steps below.

1. Choose the Voucher Size

Settle on the card size for the voucher. Starting with the voucher size will proportion all its content measurements, which will prevent the unnecessary headache of resizing later.

2. Compose the Content

Prepare the details identifying that the voucher is consumable in your restaurant business. Place your company name, logo, and slogan, if applicable. Add the redemption details. If you wish to collect the information of the customer utilizing the voucher, provide space for those details. Lastly, the most important content of the voucher, the terms, and conditions. Specify whether the voucher is intended just for a discount or full free lunch. Include what will clarify the terms of usage of the voucher.
Be creative in organizing the content on the voucher. You can apply a back to back style or maximize one side of the voucher.

3. Add a Design

Give the voucher a background that will complement its content. Choose colors wisely. If your company color goes well with the image of the food item you placed on the voucher, use it; it will promote your brand image more. Design the word contents as well to complete the voucher’s look.

4. Use the Right Material

In producing the lunch vouchers, the quality should also be at its best, like the foods that you serve at your restaurant business, so assure the quality of the content you have created with Microsoft Publisher by picking the right paper material for printing the voucher.

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