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What Is a Magazine Cover?

A magazine cover is a full packed page because it contains several ideas and serves many purposes. A magazine cover is a significant part of the magazine publications since it is the first thing seen by the audience; it has to be visually appealing. At the same, the magazine cover must entice the audience to buy the magazine. Thus, this makes a magazine cover's job tough. And all these make a magazine cover the most critical part of a magazine.

How to Make a Magazine Cover in Adobe Illustrator

One of the many ways in creating a magazine cover is with the help of graphics editing software. Adobe Inc. is the dominant company for multimedia and creativity software products. And they offer Adobe Illustrator to gear toward digital photo manipulation and photorealistic styles of computer illustration. In making a magazine cover, you need to utilize the small room where you will be working. Make everything count and fit right in. But you don't need an in-depth discussion to make a creative magazine cover in Illustrator because we made a list of guidelines to help you with your magazine cover. Always check on our list as you work with your magazine cover.

1. Know Who Will Read the Magazine

Before laying your hands on the task, it is essential to take the time and assess who will be the audience of a modern magazine. In this way, you will know what content to publish and which images to include. This part is when you decide how to sell the magazine to your target market. Make a marketing plan to entice more readers.

2. Prepare Everything You Need; Get Magazine Cover Ideas

It is helpful to make a checklist of the things you need. Once you complete the list, always check on it as you prepare the materials. The next thing you will find is yourself thinking about how to mold the things you prepared into an alluring magazine cover. Inspirations won't always be around to give you ideas, so once you have them, make sure to take notes before they disappear.

3. Make a Draft of the Magazine; Put Typography in the Right Place

For other designers, making a draft won't be considerable. Because you can do the trial and error while you are working with the cover page on editing software. However, if you consider making a draft, make sure it is how you want the sample magazine cover to look like. It's undeniable that the texts are the most important part of a magazine cover along with images and background. And its placement is a very crucial decision to make. See to it that there is a harmonious relation between texts, images, and background. Be careful with the text and make sure it's attractive and presentable. Similarly, pick a catchy and high-quality image.

4. Launch Adobe Illustrator on Your Desktop

Open Adobe Illustrator on your desktop. Though the easiest way to edit a magazine cover is through your computer, other devices like smartphones are usable as well.

5. Start Working on a Magazine Cover Template

To make your task extra fast download a magazine cover template. When you start working on the template, make sure to refer to your draft. The draft will be your guide as you continue working on the magazine cover.

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