How to Create Media Kit Templates in MS Word

A media kit or press kit is a document containing all the essential details about a company, business, or a particular event. They are commonly used in business launching events and are distributed to the members of the press for promotional use. The point of a media kit is to attract the attention of the journalist and encourage them to write an article or do an interview with you about your business. The media kit should serve as a one-stop-shop supplying all the information needed by every journalist.

Media kits can be a great marketing platform to consider if you want to introduce your business to a wide variety of audiences. Learn how to make this informative and versatile advertising document in MS Word with the help of several guide tips that we have provided just for you. Read and apply them carefully.

1. Know What To Include

If it's your first time creating this kind of promotional material, then start everything by knowing what details should you include in it. The details presented in a media kit may vary depending on the type of your business and why you're using a media kit. To illustrate, a typical media kit should have contact details, information about the company, media release, images, testimonials, samples of your product, and annual reports.

2. Supply All The Necessary Details

After determining what details should be included, it's now time to supply them with your business information. Make sure to present your information in a concise and understandable manner. You don't want to confuse and discourage the journalist or bloggers by presenting them with a business media kit that is too complex to understand.

3. Make Use of Ready-Made Template

If you're having a hard time convincing online influencers to write a blog article about your brand, then the best option that you can consider is to look for a ready-made graphic template. In choosing, look for a template that has fully customizable layouts and graphic files, easy to change colors and suggestive contents that will absolutely guarantee you of a hassle-free and convenient editing experience.

4. Edit It Out In MS Word

After downloading your desired marketing template, you may now customize it in a compatible editing tool like MS Word. This tool is not just a word processor but can also be a great tool in making text-based documents like media kits. All you have to do is input all your texts and customize them in different style settings using Word's built-in options. The best thing about editing them in MS Word is because they can be saved in a variety of formats for compatibility with other software.

5. Wrap It Up

Lastly, wrap things up by providing some call-to-action details at the end. Encourage your potential sponsors to take immediate action. After successfully incorporating some call-to-action details in it, you may now generate it in print or digital form to better help you gain some sponsorship in promoting your company business.

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