How to Create Movie Tickets in Microsoft Word

Back in the late 19th century, the first official movie camera was introduced to the public (as stated by That’s a long time ago, to say the least! Since then, we’ve been able to produce countless films for audience consumption on a large scale, giving birth to an evergrowing industry that continues to develop respective tools and techniques.

And, to accommodate the mass release of films, cinemas were created to provide watchers with the kind of atmosphere that only such establishments can give! Despite the expanding popularity of readily-accessible movies through The Internet, film theaters remain relevant through the kind of authentic experience that comes with a towering screen in front of you while munching on popcorn and sipping a tall drink!

However, for a theater business to draw in customers and profit, it needs to sell tickets. And we can give you a hand with that by offering our Ready-Made Movie Ticket Templates! Each of our ticket designs is composed with the thought of keeping it simple for anyone to customize, fully compatible with Microsoft Word. Not sure how to get started? Just check out our tips down below and you’ll be set in no time!

1. Scout for a Template That’s Perfect for the Role

There’s a good deal of cinema ticket designs that come with all kinds of themes--from a retro appearance to an elegant aesthetic. With all these choices, you can diversify your ticket stubs depending on your current lineup of films (like animated movies, horror films, etc.) or any other ideas you might come up with! You can even try designing your tickets to match the look of your business if you so choose.

2. Get Your Tickets Ready for Their Closeup

So, have you decided on which of our printable tickets to use? Next, run MS Word and see what your creativity can do to spruce up your template’s design! Our samples are made for easy editing, so don’t worry and let your imagination free.

As you draft the written content for your ticket, be sure to maintain good readability with the text. If you’re not feeling confident in coming up with your own ideas for font, then simply use the premade one that accompanies the template.

3. Make Sure Your Tickets Are Born for the Part

When you’re through with the initial draft for your movie ticket, step away for a little while and then come back to review your work. With a refreshed mind, check if a redo is in order; keeping going over your template until it’s up to snuff. Don’t forget to save your changes after you’re done!

4. Expand Your Cast and Crew of Tools

OK, your tickets are looking good for showtime and ready for your box office. Now what?

Well, you can try printing out some sizable posters to showcase your cartoon marathons or triple-A features. You can even use smaller prints for advertising around the block; just don’t get in trouble with unwanted soliciting!

Does your business come with a concession stand? Put together a table tent menu for easier reading.

Get those debut seats sold-out before the week is over with our handy templates!

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