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How to Create a Good Print in Adobe Photoshop?

70% of Americans like reading printed mail while 67% go for print rather than digital. Moreover, people's response to the advertisement via printed mail is four times greater than those of emails. Using print media in marketing is advantageous because it is inexpensive, convenient, credible, and more. Based on the US survey, there are 82 percent answered that when it comes to deciding to make a purchase, they prefer the newspaper and magazine printed ads. 76% said that they trust the ads in the mail, while 25% trusts on the pop-up advertisements online. That said, print media still prevails and are trustworthy.

Thus, we provide you some techniques and guidelines to help you craft a specific print media in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Be Specific

There are different kinds of print media such as flyers, business cards, posters, and more. Hence, specifying guarantees appropriateness of the design and other features of your craft. Also, it is the first step in achieving a successful and well-crafted result. Select what you think will work best and what will live up to its function. That said, take time to think about the pros and cons of the particular print so that you can take precautionary measures and create solutions to future troubles.

2. Create a Detailed Plan

Planning is essential especially if the purpose of your craft is to promote and market effectively. In making a plan, there are a lot of things to take into account such as setting goals, allocating resources, impressing your prospects, gaining trust, and more. Thus, allocate a good amount of time for planning to generate relevant ideas for the benefit of your craft. Do not take this step for granted and rush into the actual editing because it will reflect in your print.

3. Customize Accordingly

Among the various templates available, select the best and appropriate one to use. Whether you want to create a postcard, a brochure, or even an envelope, you must maintain relevance and accuracy. Ignite your creativity but do not exaggerate your design. Remember your purpose and theme in lay-outing so that everything will fall into place. For example, you are making a leaflet for your company's campaign or promotion but there are a lot of other businesses that are using the same tool; hence, think of ways to make your design unique and notable. Combine colors that are pleasing to the eyes, use the trendy calligraphy fonts or other fonts that are eye-catching, embed striking images, etc.

4. Be Careful with the Content

Your content must be meticulously written because aside from the design, this component matters most in branding. Therefore, ensure that the details are complete and comprehensible. The said details include your company's logo, slogan, and contact information; vision and mission; a brief description of your business; testimonies; call to action; and more.

5. Proofread, Save, and Print

Proofread your document to add excellence and protection to your brand or your company, help you check the punctuation, spelling, etc., avoid redundancy, and more. Afterward, save you document by clicking on the "file" button and on the "save". Also, do not forget to set it in PSD format. Print your document using a high-quality print medium to preserve the quality of your craft.

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