Do you need to empty your shelves quickly with a clearance sale? Are you looking to get the word out about the latest gadgets available in your store? In order for you to obtain enough exposure to sell your goods, effective advertising is the key to success. That’s why we’ve got a set of Ready-Made Product Flyer Templates for your promotional needs! You won’t be disappointed with these templates, as they’re printable and easily editable in MS Word. Each one is 100% customizable in A4 and US letter sizes. Download now to get a foothold in the market!

How to Create Product Flyers in Microsoft Word

It’s a fact that the earliest examples of mass marketing date back to ancient times of human civilization, with a number of different ways to achieve this. One tried-and-true method is the use of promotional product flyers. With our professionally-crafted flyer templates, you can put together advertising materials in a snap without having to make a design from scratch!

And, if you need an easy-to-use editing tool that’s fit to alter our templates with, Microsoft Word is the answer to your dilemma! However, if you’re not sure where to even start, just read through our simple guide (found below) for a bit of help.

1. Visit the Office Store; Download Microsoft Word

Over many years, MS Word has been recognized for its versatility and streamlined nature in creating various types of documents. You can download Word by using your web browser to visit the Microsoft Office website. At the site’s homepage, look for “Products” at the top of the page and then select “Word” under “Applications” in the expanded menu. Pick from one of the subscription plans and you’ll have access to install the application to your computer.

If you ever need to work on a template while you’re out and about, Word is also compatible with Android and iOS -- downloaded from Google Play and the App Store, respectively.

2. Choose an Appropriate Template for Your Product

After installing MS Word to your computer and/or device, find the right template for the job by browsing through our selection of product flyer templates.

On the template’s own page, you can save the template file to your computer/device storage by using the provided download button (in the middle of the page) and following the quick instructions that show up. Make sure to remember which spot in your storage you save your template in; rename the file name to something you can easily remember if needed.

You have the option of reading through the page’s “Template Details” list to find out more regarding the chosen template. Plus, you can zoom in on the preview pictures (on the left side) by clicking them.

3. Boot up MS Word and Edit Your Template

Did you download your desired flyer template yet? If so, open the template file in MS Word and start customizing.

Replace the precomposed writing with the necessary details about your products, store, offers, etc. When drafting the written content of your flyer, add in some catchy and clever lines; a bit of fun wordplay helps catch the interest of readers and retain their memory of your promotions. Feel free to use suitable photos of your product(s) in place of the placeholder images in the template.

To further help your products gain even more exposure, using a poster to hang or plaster around different places can be very beneficial.

4. Save and Print

Once you’re through with making changes to the template, save your work and your flyer is ready to print out for distribution. Making flyers is easy with Microsoft Word and our diverse flyer templates!

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