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How to make Restaurant Documents in InDesign?

People often bear a misconception that Indesign is a difficult application to use. However, that is a myth. with the help of proper information and the following few steps, you can make your restaurant business documents more attractive with the app. 

  • Create a brand-new document

After opening InDesign, you’ll begin with the Start Screen. Select 'Create New' to open the New Document. Else, you can select Command+N (MacOS) or Control+N (Windows).

  • Choose a category

Select a category at the top such as Print, Web, or Mobile. These usual sections start you off by setting up some parameters for your projects like the best color mode and units. Consider your project before choosing a category. For example, select Print if you’re designing a business card or poster you must select 'Web' if you’re drafting a webpage or a PDF that will be read onscreen.

  • Select a preset

On selecting you’ll find many presets for commonly-used document types. A preset is an efficient starting point that helps you make a blank document using previously-set sizes and settings. For example, after selecting Print, you can click the Letter preset to quickly start your design at that size. 

  • Specify options

Even if you do not understand the concept of presets, you can personalize your document in many ways — by typing exact dimensions, altering the measurement units, making some changes to the page layout, and much more. Don’t worry about getting it right at this stage; you can make the changes in the settings after the document is created. Mention the number of pages and choose 'Facing Pages' to create a double-page spread layout. Select the number of columns on your pages and the spacing between them.

  • Set margins, bleed, and slug

Open the Margins. Use your desired unit of measurement to set the margins. Preset all margins dimensions the same, or click the chain icon to set different values for the top, bottom, inside, and outside margins. 

  • Start with a template

An alternate way to do this is to create your designs with a high-quality template. If you move to the New Document dialog box, you’ll find free templates with rich designs for a variety of projects, and you can download hundreds more from Adobe Stock. When you’re done, click Create to open a document with these settings. 

  • Change your document settings at any time

By now you must have set up your InDesign document. To make any alteration in the settings of the document, scroll to File>Document Setup to change options like the color mode, page size, and orientation, the number of pages, or add print bleed values from your print provider.

Indesign can be used to make documents like restaurant rack-cards, signages or vouchers that need high-quality graphics. And at, we have already pre-formatted samples of the same kind for your ease.