How to Create a Fresher Resume in Microsoft Word?

Graduating means breaking free from the four corners of the classroom and getting ready to face the "real world." It is a notion widely considered that fresh graduates should find a job after receiving a diploma from an institution. Finding a job entails submitting necessary documents to prove that you are fit for the position you are vying for. One of the most important documents that the human resource team or the hiring managers require is a resume. For fresh graduates who have no work experience, writing a resume can be a challenging task. Worry not, though! We promise you that you will not go through the resume-making process blindfolded. In this short guide, we have outlined a step-by-step procedure on how to create a resume that will help you land a job.

1. Choose Microsoft Word

The first step in creating a resume is to choose an application you will make use of. You don’t have to install programs for graphic design, though—Microsoft Word will help you accomplish the task more efficiently. With the use of this program, you can layout a clean and simple resume for a successful job application.

2. Divide Your Document Into Columns

Your resume is up against a lot of things; therefore, you have to make sure that it will stand out from the rest. Did you know that on average, a recruiter spends less than seven seconds to scan through your resume before deciding if you are fit for the position? With this in mind, you should give the recruiter a well-organized resume. It allows them to read more details within a short span of time. Dividing your resume into columns will help you maximize the space to fit all of the details into one page. The most important sections of a resume are as follows: personal information, contact details, career objective, education, achievements, and skills.

3. Opt for a Chronological Resume Format

There are three resume formats, namely, chronological, functional, and a combination of the two. These formats work in different ways. For a fresher resume format, the chronological will work at your advantage. Why? Because it allows you to highlight your educational experience from the most to the least recent. With this format, you can present your educational background in marketing, nursing, engineering, etc.

4. Highlight Your Academic Achievements

Since you are a fresh college graduate, you probably don’t have tons of professional experiences yet. Hence, emphasizing your academic achievements in your resume will be beneficial on your part. By highlighting your accomplishments as a student, you can convince the human resource team that you can be a valuable asset to their team.

5. Proofread

You would not want the recruiters to spot an error in your resume, right? Thus, proofread your document and make sure that it free from grammatical and typographical errors. You should also bear in mind that lengthy sentences in your resumes will do more harm than good, so keep your statements clear and concise. Moreover, see to it that you mentioned the specific position (e.g., web developer, teacher, data entry clerk, etc.) you are applying. A resume with one to two pages would be enough. See our resume templates for design ideas.

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