Although a piece of document, a resume plays a significant role in every individual. This serves as your ticket to employment. So if you are planning to apply for a vacant job position, making a resume should be your priority. Crafting an IT resume is easy if you use our variety of professionally written Information Technology Resume Templates available in Microsoft Publisher. These editable templates allow you to produce a formal and impressive resume that will set you apart amongst other applicants. Waste no second of your time. Download our 100% customizable Information Technology Resume Templates in Microsoft Publisher now, for free!

How to Make an Information Technology Resume in Microsoft Publisher

A resume is a written document widely used by an individual who is seeking a job. Reumes can be used in applying for any job positions like software engineer, architect, marketing assistant, computer programmer, etc. Resumes serve as the first introduction to an employer. The purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. Thus it has to be impressive and exciting. A professional-looking resume also enables you to get the job position you desire.

According to the 2019 Tech Industry Job Market and Salary Trends Analysis by The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), there are 11.8 million tech employment in the US. And the largest and fastest-growing amongst technology jobs are software and web developers. That makes the technology sector one of the most significant components of the US economy. So if you are a graduate of IT and you want to apply for an IT job, we suggest you create an impressive IT resume to stand out. Here in, we have some tips that may help you in making your IT resume. Here's how.

1. List Down Information

Before you start crafting your IT resume, you must first list down all the needed information that will make your resume interesting. These essential details include your educational background, skills, and work experiences. The latter depends if you have other work before. If you are a fresh graduate, you may not include it. Make sure your content is well-written so that your employer can understand your resume.

2. Utilize a Resume Template

Once you have your information ready, you may start your resume-making process. If you are in doubt of your skills, you can always make use of a ready-made resume template. A printable template offers you the format and suggestive content. That means you don't have to decide on the format on your own.

3. Use Microsoft Publisher

The net thing you need to do is to add your information. With that, you can use Microsoft Publisher application. This desktop publishing program is easy to use and less expensive. Once you use Microsoft Publisher, you will enjoy an extensive collection of fascinating feature elements. This is also accessible in various devices, so editing your IT resume template is convenient.

4. Review and Evaluate

Resumes are essential in every job application. This document is the basis of the employer if you are qualified for the position. Submitting a resume that has many mistakes in it will lose you the opportunity of getting hired. Thus, you have to review your IT resume multiple times to ensure that it is well-written. Evaluate also your resume and think if it is interesting enough to draw interest to your employer.

5. Wrap it Up

If you are satisfied with your IT resume, you can already print it. Best to have a professional to print your resume for better results. Present your IT resume together with a professional-looking cover letter. A cover letter also helps you attract your employer.

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