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What Is a Cash Voucher

A cash voucher is a paper document commonly used by businesses for their petty cash payment documentations. Petty cash payments are mostly reimbursements incurred by a paying party (the party who lends the cash voucher) as cash payment for the expenses incurred by another party. This type of payment usually occurs in businesses with travelling employees. Since cash vouchers are usually used for payments, then you can also consider it as a payment voucher.

How to Create a Cash Voucher in Adobe Illustrator?

Here are a few tips to help you create an effective cash voucher that can certainly help with your business's overall financial management.

1. Use Adobe Illustrator as Your Editing Software

Adobe Illustrator has always been known of being capable in creating artistic and complex paper documents such as flyers, posters, and brochures. So that means creating a standard format cash voucher (which is more simpler to create) with it is easy and convenient. All of the needed features and tools are already there in Adobe Illustrator. In basically no time, you already have a good enough cash voucher. However, you can opt to choose other editing software such as MS Word, as long as you're comfortable with it.

2. Indicate Date and Time

Your cash voucher's is date and time indicates when it was incurred. Its ultimate purpose is for you to have a concrete timeline of all the cash vouchers incurred by your business. In this way, it'll be a lot easier for your accounting staff to document and record them on their balance sheets. The space you'll provide for the date and time must be located at the upper part of your cash voucher.

3. Create a Table for Details of Expenses

What should be found on the table are spacious columns for the following: time of the incurred expense, description about the expense, and amount. On the lower right of the table is where the total amount of all expenses should be located. The very purpose of why a table for the details of expenses must be included on your cash voucher is to have proof whether the cash voucher's recipient is eligible to be paid (or reimbursed). To solidify that even further, let the recipient present all the receipts of his/her expenses.

4. Include a Terms and Conditions

There are some instance that a recipient might incur anomalies on the cash voucher for his/her own personal gain. To counteract that, terms and conditions must be implemented when it comes to your business's cash voucher transactions. One of those that you must implement are sanctions for falsifying details of expenses. Such sanctions that you can implement are hefty fines, suspension, and even termination.

5. Utilize Cash Voucher Templates

With the help of fully customizable cash voucher templates, there's no longer any need for you to format a cash voucher. What you only need to do is add variables on it that's unique with your business needs. You can download cash voucher templates here in Template.net PRO. We have the Salary Slip Voucher Template, the Debit Cash Voucher Template, the Cash Payment Voucher Template, and so much more.

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