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What Is a Gift Voucher?

A gift voucher is prepared or stored money that can replace cash to purchase for specific goods and specific reasons. Usually, businesses like retails or finance produce gift vouchers as an alternative way of purchasing within a specific store or similar businesses. Many companies or organizations give away gift vouchers to their employees as rewards or gifts. Similar to businesses in which customers receive gift vouchers as a privilege. Gift vouchers are also known as a gift certificate or gift token in other places. This type of voucher is part of a marketing promotion by some businesses to entice the receipt to come back to the store. As a voucher, there are businesses premises the holder must be aware of during sales transactions or redeeming.

How to Make a Gift Voucher in Microsoft Office Word

According to a survey in 2015, 58.8% out of many shoppers said they want to receive a gift voucher. That's a lot of people. In the same year, people who either purchase or receive discount vouchers reached up to 93% and still have a rising trend as the years pass. Gift vouchers are a new trend when it comes to consumers' purchases. In the modern era where technology is at its golden age, gift vouchers become easy to access.

Meanwhile, many businesses produce a massive amount of gift vouchers annually. If you are following the pack, we made a list to help you create a shopping voucher for your own. The easiest way to make a voucher is MS Word. We made sure that these steps are easy to follow and uncomplicated. Here's a list that will aid your task in making a gift voucher for your business.

1. Make a Checklist of the Things You Need

Though you can go straight to the actual editable voucher, having a list will make the task every breezy. So, let's start with a checklist. There are a few things you need for the gift voucher. Basically, the checklist will include a good word processing software such as MS Word, a gift voucher template, and high-quality paper to print on the voucher. But you can add on to your list the things you find necessary.

2. Start with a Gift Voucher's Draft

Before proceeding to the actual gift voucher, make a rough illustration. A cash voucher is smaller than a regular sheet of paper because it only contains a few pieces of information. Your gift voucher will include a voucher number, name of the payee, date, amount, signatures, and any memo notes. By this time, start creating the design, layout, and format. Decide what time of the year you will be giving away the gift voucher. For example, there are Christmas vouchers given in the holidays. Thus, make a voucher that relates to the season. In this way, you can make a relatable voucher that's on trend with the time of the year. On the other hand, you can make a generic voucher that you can give away in all the season.

3. Open Microsoft Office Word on Your Device

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular document processing software because it is easy to use and user-friendly. The clean interface of MS Word makes it easier for beginners to create multiple types of documents. Thus, you can work on MS Word as you create your printable voucher. Click the icon of the desktop application to load. Wait until the software has loaded entirely. Then, make a new document. In some cases, users operate MS Word on another device. Make it a point to work with a device that you are most comfortable with.

4. Download a Gift Voucher Template; Fill In the Template

Microsoft Word offers various templates as well. But you are not limited to use the templates offered by MS Word in making your voucher. Look for a reliable ticket voucher template online. There are a lot of template sources, make sure to download from a trusted source. Once you have settled with a template, start working on it. Go back to your draft as you complete the voucher.

5. Finalize the Template; Make a Run Through

Do the finishing touches and finalize the business voucher. Make a run through after filling in the template. Proofreading the voucher will help you to avoid typos and incorrect information. Finally, make everything correct.

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