Wedding Itinerary Templates

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What Is a Wedding Itinerary?

A Wedding Itinerary is a detailed timeline of a wedding program. It's for the guests to know the program flow. Wedding itineraries are designed according to the wedding's theme, and sometimes, they come along with a welcome bag. However, if you are the master of the ceremony, expect that sometimes, things don't always go as planned. Be flexible.

How to Create a Wedding Itinerary

The hardest part of creating a wedding itinerary is probably the time estimation. You can't possibly predict when the exchange of vows or the ring ceremony to end unless you are a seasoned wedding planner. If you are having difficulties in creating one, seek the help of a wedding planner. Nevertheless, we will provide you tips below on how to create one. 

1. Start With The Basics

Start everything with a draft first. Visualize as early as possible the activities on your wedding day. Starting with the bridal preparations such as the hair and makeup, dressing up, and others. You can start earlier than the daily schedule. The basics can serve as your base for your wedding itinerary. 

2. Ask For Help

Constructing your wedding event itinerary can be mind-numbing. That's why we suggest asking for help from a wedding planner if possible. Wedding planners have enough experience on their sleeves to know what flows in and out of a wedding ceremony. With their guidance, you wouldn't have problems creating one. 

3. Incorporate Designs

Nobody wants to look at a bland wedding itinerary. Be creative with it. Associate it with the wedding's theme. If you have the artistic side in you, you can choose to personalize it by incorporating hand painting. Don't forget about typography as well. These visual hooks make it appealing to the guests' eyes. If you want to have a background color, make sure they contrast with the font colors.

4. Choose How You Want It To Be Presented 

A lot of wedding itineraries are enclosed in an envelope. Some are designed scroll-like. You can choose your printable itinerary on a textured paper, scented paper, and a lot more. Exert effort into making it presentable. So, think out of the box if you want to be more creative. You can also search for ideas from the internet for assistance. 

5. Double-check Everything

After you have accomplished the preceding tips, it's now time to finalize everything. Check each allotted time of the activity if it's sufficient enough to complete the task. See if there are any missing activities that you forgot to include. Work with the wedding planner if there's anything you want to incorporate more or to adjust. Check everything so as not to mislead your guests on your wedding day!

6. Distribute!

Most of the wedding itineraries are distributed at the venue, or you can opt to send them in advance by mailing or emailing it to them. If you choose to send it in advance, make sure you have their addresses and email addresses ready. Keep a checklist as well of the recipients to make sure you did not miss someone.