Marriage is a huge milestone in a couple’s relationship. And so, a couple and their loved ones remember and commemorate this event each year as an anniversary. If you’re planning an elegant celebration of your own, then consider downloading our Wedding Anniversary Invitation Templates. Use our DIY content to design and print your cards in no time. And for added convenience, our printable samples are fully compatible with multiple applications (like Mac Pages and Microsoft Publisher). Download now and invite guests for any kind of wedding anniversary party!

How to Make Wedding Anniversary Invitations

The oldest party invitation was sent all the way back in Rome during AD100 (as mentioned by an article from Express, a news publication). Ever since then, sending invitations has been a staple practice for special get-togethers.

Are you wondering how to design custom wedding anniversary invitations? Then go ahead and read our tips just below.

1. Prepare Your Invitation Letter’s Layout

Start working on your wedding anniversary invitation by setting up its paper size. Depending on your preference, you can go with either 4 x 6 inches or 5 x 7 inches. Additionally, to keep your invitation’s contents neat, apply 1-inch margins on all of the page’s sides.

2. Consider Your Invitation’s Visual Design

Since you’re preparing a formal party, applying suitable graphics is imperative. For a wedding anniversary, go with a sleek elegant design with gold or silver coloring. Floral patterns are also a good option for a wedding anniversary. Apply the renders along the sides and corners of your invitation.

3. Draft the Invitation’s Contents

When writing down the contents of your anniversary invitation, there are several key details to enter. These details are the event’s host(s), celebratory couple, event’s name or type, event’s purpose, invitee’s name, time & date, venue, and dress code. Remember to incorporate font styles and colors that complement your card or letter’s visuals.

4. Use Classy Envelopes with Your invitations

If you’re opting for printed anniversary invitations, then your envelopes also need attention. For consistency’s sake, apply a design style similar to that in your letters. For size, ensure they’re just large enough for the invitations.

And those are all our tips on designing a wedding anniversary invitation! Now you’ll have a much easier time preparing either printed or digital materials for your special event!

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