What Are Wedding Place Cards?

Have you ever heard about the largest wedding reception in history? If not, the Guinness World Records had registered a romantic day in India where the chief minister Tamil Nadu's foster son, got married. You'll be surprised to know that they invited approximately 150,000 guests! We're sure you won't have as many guests as Mr. Nadu, but if you want to organize guests at your reception, you can use wedding place cards to guide your guests. These cards contain the names of the wedding guests, showing them where to sit.. What's more? Place cards save the guests from sitting on the wrong table.

How to Create a Wedding Place Card

Make your wedding's banquet organized with DIY wedding place cards and use the ideas below to help you create one.

1. Decide on the Theme or Design

Who can resist unique and beautiful place cards? Charm your guests by adding a theme or design. It is most appropriate to have place cards that fit your wedding ensemble or theme. You can have it rustic, purple, gold, elegant, chic, or floral. You can also use the designs on your meal menu to complement them with each other.

2. Choose Your Stylish Typography

Every place card should be attention-grabbing and legible, like your wedding invitations. You have the option of printing them or manually writing on your card. Today, the most popular typography is calligraphy-inspired because it's beautiful, artistic, and classy. But if you don't feel like using it, there are many options to choose from that fit your desires.

3. Write the Guests' Names

Now, it's time for the highlight! Get your guest list and arrange them on your wedding seating chart. Then, write each name on the card. For married couples, you can say, "Mr. and Mrs. Doe." If you have guests who have a plus one, you may contact them and ask the name of the guest, because this will make them feel welcomed instead of just writing, "Guest."

4. Tent Cards or Flat Cards?

Wedding place cards have two types: tent cards and flat cards. Decide on what you'd like to have. You can fold tent cards, and it will stand. On the other hand, if you want flat cards, make sure to purchase lovely wedding card holders to go with them since you don't want it to lay flat. Guests might miss it that way.

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