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Create Beautiful Wedding Magazines Online with Professional Designs with’s Free Wedding Magazine Templates. Choose from Template Samples with Premade Magazine Covers, Images, Graphic Elements, Content Lines, Backgrounds, and Content Pages that You can Easily Edit, Customize, and Print afterwards.See more

Free Wedding Magazine Template, Printable, Digital, Download

Attract unmarried couples and brides-to-be with alluring wedding magazines from’s free printable and digital wedding magazine templates. Choose from template samples in minimalist or modern layouts that include original design elements that are customizable using our graphic editor tool. Easily create magazines for wedding fashion, country-style weddings, wedding programs, portfolio-style wedding albums, wedding photography albums, wedding organizers, or wedding event companies.

Customize Wedding Magazine Online for Free and Download

Customize your wedding magazine online by choosing a blank template. Use our graphic editor tool to add your own design elements including photos, images, graphic elements, vectors, illustrations, colors, backgrounds, layouts, text, and fonts. Put together an engagement magazine, a marriage ceremony or bridal magazine, a groom magazine, wedding program, makeup, or wedding photography magazine. Download your free template after customization in PDF or PNG file format.


  • What is a magazine?

      A magazine is a publication that contains images and illustrations about various interesting topics. It can also be a medium to showcase one’s talent in photography.

  • What are the basic steps in creating a magazine?

      Here are the basic steps in creating a wedding magazine:

      1. Pick a topic.
      2. Decide for a title.
      3. Incorporate texts or articles.
      4. Add images and graphics.
      5. Choose for a featured article.

  • What are the three (3) main types of magazines?

      The 3 types of magazines are:

      1. Popular
      2. Trade
      3. Scholarly

  • Is a wedding magazine for wedding planners only?

      Wedding magazines are not just for wedding planners. You can also make one as a remembrance for your wedding or a gift to a dear friend. 

  • I am not an expert in graphic design, will I still be able to create a wedding magazine?

      Although creating magazine are very tricky, it’s not for experts only. A beginner can also create one using basic graphic design knowledge. You can start from 10 to 20-paged  magazine and see if it’s for you.