What Is a Wedding Magazine?

A wedding magazine is a promotional tool published by wedding planners to highlight inspiring wedding photos and stories and entice more potential clients.

How to Create a Wedding Magazine

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projected a 10 percent growth of the wedding planning employment from 2016 to 2026. This growth seems to be faster compared to other occupations. And this could mean a brighter future for someone like you who wants to expand your wedding planning career. And speaking of expanding career, one step to make this happen is by creating your wedding magazine. Here are some basic tips to create a creative wedding magazine.

1. Prepare Necessary Materials

Gather all texts, images, or videos you need for your wedding magazine. Make sure to place them together so you can easily grab what you need once you start. You can also add the wishes of visitors for a more memorable wedding magazine.

2. Choose the Right Tool

Pick a tool or software which you’re very familiar with. There is plenty of software you can choose from which is not only easy to use but also has the features you need. You can choose InDesign, Word, Apple Pages, Publisher, and more.

3. Incorporate Stunning Photos and Graphics

Choosing the layout for your magazine is not that easy, especially the layout for your magazine cover. However, once you’ve incorporated stunning photos and graphics, you’re layout will surely be emphasized.

4. Set a Deadline

Whether you’re creating a simple wedding magazine for yourself, a gift to a friend, or for business purposes, you have to set a deadline. It forces you to focus on the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

5. Invite Editors to Evaluate Your Magazine

You can invite your friend who is a wedding photographer or graphic designer to check your work. He/She can provide you professional feedback on how to improve your sample magazine.

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