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What Is a Wedding Ticket?

A wedding ticket is a wedding invitation but in an unconventional way. These tickets act the same as invitations for a wedding. This thing is just a ticket style wedding invitation. According to a study, there are around 2.5 million weddings in the United States. So, people who are about to get married, make wedding invitations.

How to Make a Wedding Ticket

wedding ticket template

Wedding tickets are one of the creative ways of inviting guests to a wedding. It does not necessarily mean that the guests buy these tickets, but these are given freely and stand as an invitation to them. Do you want to start making your wedding tickets? Just follow these simple steps:

1. Design and Theme

The invitations or invitation tickets serve as the first impression of the guests at the wedding. Make sure that you make it presentable to the guests. First of all, what is the theme of the wedding? A study says that 52% embody wedding decor into their weddings. Whatever is the theme of the wedding, reflect it to the wedding tickets. Is the wedding style rustic, a beach wedding, vintage style, bohemian, modern, casual, concert, 1920's style, or theater-style wedding? This thing can help the guests have a background in the wedding that they are going to attend to. Keep your design attractive and decent. Don't overdo your designs.

2. Images

Although you don't need to add a photo to your ticket since you only have a small space in your sample ticket, but if you want to, you can put one. You can choose what image you want to add. Make sure to keep it minimal. Make sure that the photo you will add will coincide with the theme of your wedding ticket.

3. Ticket Information

Since it is an invitation, through a ticket, you need to inform your guests about the wedding they are going to attend to. For your title, you can be creative. You can put, "You are Invited," "The Perfect Match," "Wedding Festival," "The Wedding," "One Heart," or anything that you have decided as the wedding invitation title. Don't make your title too long. Next, include the time, venue, date of the event, and RSVP statement on the ticket. Another thing, include how many admissions ticket has, is it only one or two? To add with, you can also include in this part the attire that the guests should wear during the wedding ceremony.

4. Review

After making your wedding ticket invitation, you have to proofread your work. You don't want to send an erroneous invitation to the guests. Make sure that you don't overlook the mistakes. Check the spelling, time, date, location, and other information in the wedding invitation ticket.

5. Print

Now that you have edited your wedding ticket invitations, you can now use high-quality papers like signature textured paper, standard matte paper, and standard cotton paper. You can research online the paper that you can use for printing to have high-quality tickets to distribute.

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